Amazing 8 Tips – How to Use Accessories in an Outfit

All the accessories can make you extraordinary with your outfit. Even though you are wearing a simple outfit you can have a luxurious look through your accessories. And also accessories add personality and polish to your dress. They allow you and others to have a better understanding of who you are and to make your personal presentation more interesting. Accessories are the final touch to your outfit and create the ultimate glamorous spot for your overall look. Therefore, you need to choose the right and suitable accessory for your outfit. In order to support you with this, we love to share this article How to Use Accessories in an Outfit.

Have you ever wondered that some women have a polished look anyway? They can be rocking jeans and a white t-shirt or a little black dress… However, their outfits come together in style. There may be endless designer clothes or a designer to help them choose the perfect outfit, and there is something else to make or break a dress.

How to Use Accessories in an Outfit fashion
  how to fashion attractively

The secret that made them such an outfit in the industry is their talent. Knowing how to choose the right accessories for any outfit makes a dress more boring than fashion. Once you know how to do it, no matter what the other ladies wear, you will always be one of them who look great. Anyone with a few simple tips and a good eye for balance can learn how to get a complete and polished look.

#1. Knowing the Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t wear too many accessories at once

Many people make the mistake of stacking all the devices they have at once. In terms of accessories, it is less than average. If you wear jewellery, a watch, a scarf, a hat and sunglasses, no one piece will stand out and your dress will look messy. Choose from a few accessories that highlight your outfit or the element you want to play with. Therefore, limit your accessories to 3-4 pieces.

Don’t wear too many accessories at once How to Use Accessories in an Outfit  how to fashion attractively
  • Wearing full jewellery get up with earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings may be overwhelming your look. Therefore, instead of wearing both earrings and necklace try to wear either earrings or a necklace.
  • Limit the rings that you wear at once.
  • Match your accessories with the outfit.

Use bold makeup as an accessory

If you are wearing red lipstick or use any eyeliner to have a vintage look for your eyes, you will not need many accessories to complete your look. However, you can let your makeup be the accessory itself. Make sure the colours you choose to complement the colours of your outfit and help tie your look together. Therefore, you can use the bold makeup as your fashion accessory. Followings are the bold makeup options.

Red lips

Red lips How to Use Accessories in an Outfit  how to fashion attractively

Cat Eye

Cat Eye How to Use Accessories in an Outfit  how to fashion attractively

Colored Eyeline

Colored Eyeline How to Use Accessories in an Outfit  how to fashion attractively

Defined Brows

Defined Brows
Defined Brows

Avoid being too matchy

With matching red earrings, a red necklace and red shoes, you will be tempted to remove the red polka dots from your outfit. However, adapting to this can sometimes give a slightly older tone or a childish look. Throwing a few unexpected, but surprisingly perfect accessories into the mix show your creativity and add interest to the outfit.

  • Use the color wheel
  • wear colors with black and white

Wear items that show the colour of your dress

If you are wearing a multi-coloured dress, you can add interest to the accessories by allowing you to bring one of the lesser colours. For example, if your dress is black with a small floral pattern, you can wear ceramic rings that match the green of the flower petals. Playing with one colour pulls the dress together and embellishes it.

Pair bold accessories with fewer clothes

You might be able to transform your neutral outfit completely by adding a few bold accessories. If your wardrobe has a neutral size like black, white, light brown, olive or navy, the entrance will give you. The best thing about neutrals is that they look great in many other colours, so you don’t have to worry too much about making sure your accessories match your outfit.

Balance the size of your pieces

Don’t pair with your large dangling earrings with an oversized statement accessory. You can have a balanced look with a small necklace. Therefore, Then your face will not be overwhelmed by too much jewelry. Keep in mind the size of your various accessories when deciding what you want to wear together.

Choose accessories that enhance your features

Accessories give you the opportunity to bring out the best in your face and body. Well-chosen accessories can enlarge your eyes, make your neck look slimmer, and better define your calves.

  • Wear large anklet earrings to highlight the slope of your cheeks.
  • Wear a thin chain necklace to draw attention to your neck.
  • Wear a scarf to give your eyes a brighter look.
  • Wear slightly higher shoes to lengthen your legs.

#2. Step back and look at your base layer

Whether you are wearing a dress or a shirt and pants, the first layer of clothing you wear is called your base layer. Even if you can go out with your base layer, no one will tell you that it is the complete or polished outfit. So before you wear accessories, take a step back and consider your base layer. Is it basic and neutral? Or is there a lot of colour, texture, or print? However, the complexity of your base layer determines the complexity of your other layers and your accessories. If a lot happening, keep your accessories to a minimum. But if your base layer looks like a blank canvas, go ahead and have fun with it.

#3. Add the next layer

your next layer will be a something that adds a traditional element to your clothing. And also a bit of colour, texture, or might be a little print. These items may be a cardigan, a jean jacket or a blazer. On the other hand, it may be a scarf, a hat or even a belt. Even if you decide not to add anything else, this is one extra piece that will anchor your entire outfit.

#4. Selection of accessories

Things to consider when selecting the accessories to your outfit

Accessories have the power of making or breaking your look. When choosing a fashion accessory to suit your outfit, keep in mind the occasion and consider the colour, scale and style of the pieces.


As the accessories, their colours also can break or make the outfits. Wearing black, white and other neutral accessories in any colour look stylish and coordinated. So as that you can use a colour wheel.


The scale of your fashion accessories is also important. Simple accessories are the best option when you are wearing patterns. Busy accessories and jewelry prints will give a tacky look. This also applies to garments that are rough, sequined, embroidered or otherwise embellished: Wear minimal accessories to emphasize your outfit.


Fashion accessories can define one style. Depending on your choice of handbag, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories a white shirt and jeans or a simple black dress can be completely different. Here are some common accessories to consider in your personal style,

  • Classic accessories– diamond, or pearl stud earrings, leather clutch and classic black pumps, silk scarf.
  • Glamorous accessories– bib necklace, large cocktail ring, chandelier earrings, crystal-embellished clutch, oversized sunglasses and sky-high heels.
  • Playful accessories – skinny belt and colourful ballet flats, chunky jewellery, hobo bag, headbands.
  • Casual accessories– Wayfarer sunglasses, crossbody bag, floppy hats and knee-high boots or espadrille sandals, candy-coloured bracelet or watch
  • Edgy accessories –studded handbag and black leather booties, thick cuff bracelet, choker necklace.
  • Workday accessories– large satchel or shoulder bag and kitten heels, delicate necklace, classic watch.

Adapt your accessories to your signature style

There is no end to the device choices it makes and reducing your options can be tactical. If you are starting your accessories collection, start by selecting a few parts that fit your current style. Once you get used to it, you can start experimenting with things that you would not normally think of as “you”. Here are some basic things you might want to add to your shopping list,

  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Scarves
  • Belts
  • Hair accessories

Check thrift stores and clearing bins for trendy accessories

The accessories are so much fun because they give you the opportunity to wear all the latest trends without breaking the bank. If you find a device you like, you can tap into your price range. Instead of saving money on an item that is likely to go out of style next season, look for cheaper versions of the accessories you need.

Choose accessories that match your complexion

Even if you have hot or cold toned skin, hair, and eyes, your accessories will give you a better look if you enhance your natural complexion. If you have a warmer tone, earthy tones and golden tones will give a better look. For a cool color, go for jewelry tones and choose silver instead of gold.

Find inspiration in magazines and blogs

When deciding which accessories to buy, look at fashion magazines and blogs for good ideas. Get inspiration from people who have the same interest and taste. Therefore, pay attention to how the accessories are styled and what colours and the textures are tied together.

Spend a lot of money on classic items

There are some classic accessories that are worth so much money. If you believe you are wearing a large number of accessories, buying something of high quality can be a good investment. For example, a pair of diamond studs have many advantages If you have the real worth thing.

#5. Add the jewellery you always wear

It’s time to add the personal jewellery you always wear. For most women, it will be your wedding rings and perhaps your favourite diamond earrings or delicate chain. Once you wear these parts, go back and look critically at your entire outfit. Depending on the complexity of your base layer, you may end up here. If you are going to add more accessories, make sure that your personal pieces do not match the layer.

#6. Consider your next sections carefully

Considering the next sections carefully is the most challenging part of using the accessories for many women. Because they tend to add many accessories all at once. Wear on a piece of accessory from large, tight earrings, a choker or a spinning necklace, or a large sleeve on one dress. Depending on your base layer, the rest of your accessories may be minimal or bold. And also whatever you decide to add, make sure it works well with your outfit. If you are wearing a fancy skirt or maxi dress, try wearing a lot of delicate pieces. If your base layer is a white button and pencil skirt, complete your look with a gold chain and large earrings. Its loose-fitting pants with an upside-down, gold ring and cuff are an attractive choice.

#7. Adding shoes

As your other accessories, your shoes should work well with your other outfit rather than compete with it. Jewellery stilettos or Glancy pumps can take a neutral base layer to the next level and you don’t need any other accessories. On the other hand, if your dress has a tight print, different colours or fancy beads, deal with things with simple shoes. Make sure the shoes you select are right for the occasion. It doesn’t matter how wonderful they are, the four-inch platform stilettos do not work for beach walks. One secret that looks polished seems effortless, and one secret to trying is to be comfortable with what you wear.

#8. Trying Different Looks

Use accessories to create a fun but work-friendly outfit

If you work in an office, you will still have a professional look and you always looking for a way to show a little personality. Therefore, accessorizing is the best way to show your style in an interesting and office-friendly way. So use study earings, chic glasses, Colourful flats or kitten heels, and so on.

Create a bohemian beach look

Bohemian style is a fashion style that is closely related to hippie fashion, with natural fabrics, retro patterns, neutral and warm shades that are great for expressing 70s style accents and accessories. The place where you live is completely land-locked. That means you don’t seem to have spent the afternoon at the beach. Try these accessories to create a free and bright look,

  • The perfect pair of sunglasses.
  • Colourful beaded necklaces or earrings.
  • Light coloured scarves that you can use to block out the sun or wind.
  • Rings made of natural stone.

It is a great way to creatively stretch your capsule wardrobe with the accessories. And also it is the connective tissue in any capsule wardrobe. Followings are the main types of fashion accessories.

  • Footwear
  • Jewelry
  • Hair accessories
  • Handbags
  • Belts
  • Winter accessories

Ideas for Accessorizing

Structured Bags

Structured Bags How to Use Accessories in an Outfit  how to fashion attractively

No matter what outfit you tie it with, a structured bag instantly pulls everything off a bit. While you try to fill everything in a messy way, turning back and sticking it in a simple and smooth bag makes things feel instantly expensive.


Hats How to Use Accessories in an Outfit  how to fashion attractively

Every hat is not designed the same way, but some fashions can lend themselves to elevating a dress in the right situation. A beret is the best hat for fall and structured straw hat is great for warm.


Belts How to Use Accessories in an Outfit  how to fashion attractively

If your dress fits well, a belt is easy to ignore, but after adding a few expressive straps to your rotation, you will be noticed a big difference in the way your outfit came together. It highlights waist in a flattering style, but it breaks and adds texture to even the simplest dress.


Sunglasses How to Use Accessories in an Outfit  how to fashion attractively

Sunglasses are one of favorite ways to easily transform an outfit. The shape and size you choose can make the dress more sleek or romantic and add purpose to your outfit when combined with other parts of your look.

Dainty Jewellery

Dainty Jewelry How to Use Accessories in an Outfit how to fashion attractively

A simple, elegant jewellery set is an easy way to add polish and make the combined outfit look more expensive instantly. Even if it’s just costume jewellery, a delicate chain or a pair of soft rings will feel elegant.


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