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How to approach your crush on social media | 95% are Win With This Way

Approaching your crush is a somewhat confusing thing. On the other hand, it might seem like releasing all the hormones at one time. Doesn’t it? So, before meeting in reality, you hope to approach your crush online. Though you always see your crush online but are you afraid to start chatting? So, you may be worried that you won’t say the right thing at the right time. But now, there is no need to be a worry. Read this guide and flirt with your crush online, through social media.

Today, many people show their existence through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media. Actually, you can attract your crush on social media. In fact, social media is a great way to reach your crush in an indirect way. Though your crush isn’t your Facebook friend or isn’t following your social media, he still may see your posts or pictures through mutual friends. So, let’s see some tips.

Follow his/ her Social Media Account

How to approach your crush on social media | 95% are Win With This Way Follow his/ her Social Media Account  how to meet a girl boy crush lover hot to start a relationship

The very first thing you have to do to approach your crush through social media is following his/her social media account. In fact, when you are following them you can know about them well. But, if they have a few social media accounts, don’t follow all of them. Just follow one of them, which has the most followers and the most active one.

First, try to craft your social media presence to show you in the best possible light. Make sure that, your posts and pictures present you as a positive and interesting person to get his/her attention. Then you can introduce yourself to your crush through social media. Don’t afraid to be the first one writing. Be polite and it is not a fault that you are starting to introduce yourself to your crush on social media.

Update and Fix your Profile

In order to get attention from your crush, you need to fix your profile. So, update your profile well. But remember don’t post your selfie too much. Though selfies are a habit of many people lately, if you often post your selfie on your social media account, it might disturb your followers. Sometimes, over-posting your selfies will be a reason to lose your crush’s interest in you because they consider as spam. So, update your profile, and delete useless posts if there available in your account. It will be a reason to get an impression from your crush.

Be wise to your comment

In fact, social media accounts are things that can reflect ourselves to the public. Most of the time, many people judge the characters through their social media accounts. So, if your crush also a person that judges people through their social media accounts, poor social media can ruin the impression of them. So, when you are commenting, think twice before it.

You don’t want to get a bad judge by your crush, right? So, Next to controlling your posts, you have to control your comments also. Whether it may be a comment that you write to your account either a reply comment that enters into your account. Always avoid commenting on something rude on your social media.

Stop spamming

As mentioned earlier, don’t post too often to your or his/her social media. It may lead to your followers as well your crush will be considered as spamming. Not only that, it makes your crush feeling disturbed by yourself. Always remember your social media account reflect yourself to the public. So, if you want to get positive attention from your crush, please control yourself on social media.

Use your mutual friends as an advantage

How to approach your crush on social media | 95% are Win With This Way Use your mutual friends as an advantage   how to meet a girl boy crush lover hot to start a relationship

Do you and your crush have mutual friends, then there are so many advantages. Especially if your mutual friends know well your crush. You can find well about your crush, through them. Actually, if your mutual friends can be a matchmaker between you and your crush, you are so lucky.

If you are not a friend with your crush on social media, your mutual friends can be a chance to get your crush’s attention. The other way to get the attention of your crush on social media, encourage your mutual friends to post you on their account, with no need to tell your mutual(s), why you are so eager for them to post.

Post something you both like

Instead of posting your selfies always to social media, you can post things that your crush likes. So, try to find out what things he/she prefers. For instance, if your crush is a music lover, you can post the band or singer that you both like. But how to find what he likes?

How to find what your crush likes?

How to approach your crush on social media | 95% are Win With This Way How to find what your crush likes?  how to meet a girl boy crush lover hot to start a relationship

First of all, you have to pay attention to him. Try to know about his/her hobby.; favorite food, favorite music, etc. Actually, it is a very good beginning for everyone who tries to get closer to someone. Most of the time, your crush may post his/her favorite things on their social media accounts.

So, if you observe them well, you may able to find out the things your crush likes. Not only that, this will help you to avoid the topics that your crush doesn’t like. Luckily if you have the same preferences, it won’t be difficult to make chat material.

Accordingly, this is how to approach your crush on social media. But, these are not enough. You may have to chat, in order to approach your crush on social media. With the following tips, it won’t be difficult to make chat material.

Have a fun and casual opening

So, this is the time to chat and approach your crush through social media. When you do greet your crush, it is important to start the conversation on the right foot. It will be a help to spend more time talking with your crush. The key here is, to play cool, but not too cool.

For instance, saying “how are you” or “what’s up” is perfectly acceptable. But, remember, don’t try too hard to impress your crush. You can start your conversation with an interesting story about something that happened to you, something you previously talking about, or something cool you just heard on the news. You just need to keep them short and don’t try to impress too hard.

Avoid always being the first one who says “Hi” first

Actually, though you are going to impress and approach your crush, it is important to strike a balance in your relationship. You don’t want to be the one who always sends the first message, because there might be a chance that your crush may not be all that eager to talk to you after all. It may be the case that your crush is just and likes it when you make all the moves. But, if this happens, it could be a sign of you take your relationship to the next level. Your crush will still expect you to do all the work. That could annoy really fast.

Being playful when chatting through social media

Once you get to know each other a little bit better, tease your crush. Teasing will be a great way to flirt with your crush. This will show you appreciate your crush’s strangeness and that you don’t take life too seriously. But, don’t take your teasing too far. There is a difference between poking fun at someone and insulting him or her. Just try to show that you can teas too. He will be impressed that you are confident enough for making your crush to make fun of your foibles too.

Another method you can be playful when chatting with your crush is being witty. Your crush will be impressed by your quick wit and sense of humor. It can be tricky to show your brilliant sense of humor online, through social media.

  • Be quick
    If your crush says something clever, say something back, quickly as soon as you can. Then your crush will understand that you can also play the balls.
  • Be sarcastic
    Have you ever thought, a little bit of sarcasm can go a long way? Actually, being sarcastic is a great way to approach your crush.
  • Be clever
    Make a joke about a subject that your crush knows a lot about to show that you are well-read and understand what’s going on in the world.

Being Fascinating

How to approach your crush on social media | 95% are Win With This Way Being Fascinating     how to meet a girl boy crush lover hot to start a relationship

When you are chatting with your crush, you have to keep your crush engaged. You will have to find topics that are worth talking about your crush. Make sure you find something that is not only interesting to you, interesting to your crush too. When chatting, you may able to find a common bond. According to the chemistry of the relationships, if you are looking to take your relationship beyond flirting, common interests can be just as important.

For instance, music can be a great bond between two people. So try to strike up a conversation about music. Otherwise, both of you may love for outdoors it will be a great bond among you. On the other hand, if you both love books, it will give you a lot to talk to each other. Not only that, the love for movies, will be also a great bond for both of you. So, try to find at least a common bond and you can continue and keep engaging your crush though you are chatting on social media.

Take your crush’s advice

When you are taking advice from your crush, he or she will understand that you are actually listening to the things he or she says. It will help you to demonstrate that, you value your crush’s opinion and that you are thinking about him or her, even when you step away offline. For instance, if your crush recommends an album, listen to it. This will also give you something to talk about too.

Show that you are interested in your crush’s life

You should show that not only you are an interesting person, you care about your crush as a person. Just try to strike balance between talking about yourself. For instance, you can ask your crush, how his or her week is going. It will help you reveal some information about what’s going on in his/ her life. But remember, don’t pry. Just ask casually about his or her interests, friends, or even family. But, don’t ask too many questions.

Don’t be too eager during your conversation

Actually, it is great to show that you think your crush is an engaging, exciting, and fun person. But, if you overdo it you may end up looking too obsessive. So, avoid too many emotions. It can get annoying and will make you look immature. Another main fact is, if your crush doesn’t reply right away, don’t immediately follow up with a series of questions. It will make it look like your world rotates around your crush’s answers.

Keep your finish strong

How to approach your crush on social media | 95% are Win With This Way Keep your finish strong  how to meet a girl boy crush lover hot to start a relationship

Finishing off your chat is also so important as much as the conversation goes on. Make sure to sign off at the right time. So, you leave your special someone wanting more. You should leave too soon but should say goodbye while things are still interesting. Just wait for an interesting conversation to start wrapping up, and say you have to go. Say one or more things about the relevant topic and then say goodbye. Actually, this will leave your crush wanting to talk to you more.

And at the final of your conversation, don’t forget to show that you had a great time talking to your crush. Let your crush know that you had fun chatting and that you are looking forward to talking again.

Finally, ask your friends or your crush’s friends if he or she is single. But, the most important thing is just to be yourself. Don’t try too hard. So, this is how to get your crush’s attention on social media and chatting through social media. It will work for you, and GOOD LUCK.

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