Does your clothes define you? Things that you don’t know

Yes, the clothe or the outfit can reveal the others who are you. What you wear can let you know about your job type as well as your aspirations, feelings, and spending habits. However, you will choose outfits without any aspiration or thought. But there is something that you don’t know about it. Therefore, we are providing you with this article on Does your clothes define you in order to give you some special tips that you don’t know.

You do not have to be a strict stylist or London Fashion Week regular to know how important our sense of dress is to our reputation in the 21st century. The clothes we wear send a powerful message to our peers and visitors, projecting the self-image we want to show. Science says that the clothes we wear affect our behavior, attitudes, personality, mood, confidence, and the way we deal with others.

Your clothing shows how much:

  • power you wield
  • influence you have
  • smart you are
  • you earn

Clothes are the major essence of the society we are living in. It is the only thing that does not change or exist anywhere in the world. Our clothes become an integral part of our identity. In other words, they represent a sense of the image of the person living within us. Even though the fashion fade style is eternal.

But most of us haven’t a real understanding of the psychology of how people on the street or in the office interpret our wardrobe choices. How is this different from what we believe we are conveying to them. And there are different fashion styles that convey your personality, the colours that convey your appearance.

Define your personality through the style

Your dressing sense will speak volumes of your personality. Whatever you wear it reflects the real you. Therefore, don’t wear anything just the others also wearing. Find out a dress that fits you for the occasion and reveals your personality. How would you describe your current style?

  • Formal
  • casual
  • professional
  • Unique
  • Powerful
  • No sense of style

There are seven unique personal styles that your clothes define you. These 7 main types of stylistic expressions and almost every one of them falls into a mix of two types and one of them dominates. In fact, there may even be a third type.


Does your clothes define you? Things that you don't know Classic how to dress well

Classic style looks nothing better than timeless looks, simple and fine fabrics, in clothing. In this style, you communicate a friendly, energetic, natural, casual, cheerful and optimistic message. In general, there is value in a genuine, casual, comfortable wardrobe for all or most classic wears. The classic person has always dressed appropriately and carries the images of someone who is dependable and practical.

Celebrities who have the classic personal style: Kate Middleton, Ann Hathaway, Jodie Foster, Blake Lively, Naomie Harris.


Does your clothes define you? Things that you don't know Elegant how to dress well

Elegant style copes with harmony with polished things, perfect and understated. And also there is high quality and self-assurance. With elegant style, you communicate with confidence, flawlessness, punctuality, outstanding, kindness and always polished, restrained and respectful. Those who fall into this category are often high-ranking, public positions. There is an element of formality and prestige to the feel of this style.

Celebrities who have classic personal style: Jackie O, Diane Sawyer, Audrey Hepburn, Kristin Davis


Does your clothes define you? Things that you don't know Natural how to dress well

Most of the women at home possess a natural style. Therefore, the elegant woman is relaxed and laid back. She carries the image of approachable ease and an open mind. Natural personal style defines trustworthiness and loyalty, accuracy, credibility, maturity, responsibility, organization, and honesty. Those who fall into this category are in the fields like government, real state, education, etc.

Celebrities who reflect the natural personality style: Sandra Bullock, Helen Hunt, Ellen Degeneres, Julia Roberts. Whoppi Goldberg.


Does your clothes define you? Things that you don't know Dramatic how to dress well

The dramatic style always inks with the preferences for one of a kind dramatic statements. And also it often includes bold colours, exotic shapes and prints, and unusual accessories and shapes. However, this carries the image of independence and confidence. Dramatic attire is confident, confident, steady, bold, urban, powerful, fashion-forward and has a strong appeal to it. So those who fall to this personal style populate in the fields like entertainment, fashion, marketing, art, media, consulting, PR, etc.

Celebrities who has a dramatic personal style: Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Gwen Steffani, Lyn Slater.


Does your clothes define you? Things that you don't know Feminine how to dress well

Feminine style is all about softness. It often creates a feminine look and feel of modernity, accessibility, warmth and caring. Dresses are combined with the flowy fabrics, ruffles, lace, delicate accessories. It carries the images of innocents, warmth, and compassion. Those who fall to this category especially the women, are often good-natured caretakers, soft-spoken or mannered and have interest in more traditionally feminine activities and professions.

The celebrities who have the Feminine personality style: Delta Goodrem, Leona Edmiston, Jane Seymore, Taylor Swift, Elle Fanning.


Does your clothes define you? Things that you don't know Alluring how to dress well

Women with a sexy personal style have nothing better to pay attention to than their curvaceous body and sensuous makeup and hair. And also they feel energized when they are noticed by man. However, this style carries the images of glamour, daring and danger. They often fall into industries such as entertainment, fitness, media or fashion.

The celebrities who have alluring personal style: Eva Longoria, J-Lo, Sharon Stone, Heidi Klum, Beyonce, Kim Cattrall


Does your clothes define you? Things that you don't know Creative how to dress well

The creative style seems imaginative and free, innovative, unique, spontaneous and sometimes discreet. And also those who fall this style have creative hobbies and interest such as fashion, arts, dance, stylists, writers, design, music, etc.

The celebrities who have Creative personal style: Dianne Keaton, Jessica Minkoff, Katy Perry, Rachel Zoe, Helena Bonham Carter, Avril Lavigne, Rachel Wang

Colour Psychology

Colours that you wear has the power of making impression on the others about you. And also they carry a lot of emotions. Each colour represents many moods.

  • Red- aggressive, energetic, and quick in releasing their emotions
  • Orange- Energy, fun, warmth
  • Blue- Loyalty, stability, tranquillity
  • Yellow- Happiness, optimism, youth
  • Green- healing, success, hope
  • Black- power, mystery, professional
  • White- purity, cleanliness, innocence, simplicity
  • Purple- royalty, creativity, imagination

Affects Your Attitude and Emotions

Clothes don’t make the man. But we look at someone for the first time and judged them based on their outfit. However, the clothes you wear affect the way you feel. There is a famous saying”if you look good, you feel good” So Your outfit can change your mood and attitude.

Casual outfit makes you friendlier

A good outfit will help you become an office lion, but it will not help you make new friends. Studies have shown that formal clothing keeps you less open, so do not wear this type of clothing if you want to socialize. On the other hand, a casual wardrobe enhances your creativity and helps make friends easier.

Feel powerful with a suit

If we are wearing a suit, we will feel confident. And also powerful. When we see a man wearing a suit we will think that he runs some sort of business. Therefore the well-tailored jackets and formal office wear put you in the right state of mind to conduct business. These type of clothes can trigger your brain to increase hormones needed for displaying dominance.

Gym clothes motivate you to workout

If you want to be more active, you may want to go to the gym in active clothes. The psychology behind this is very simple, you are often reminded that you need to make healthier when you wearing the gym suits. So if you want to lose a few pounds, being active is the first step toward your goal.

As the facts mentioned above your clothes can define you. cheerful clothes can boost your energy and make you feel more powerful confident and outwardly sexy.

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