How To Dress Well as a Teenage Girl | Secret Guide You Should Know

Do you feel left out among social circles just because you are not trendy like your peers? If so, you need some ideas on how to dress well as a teenage girl. In fact, teenage is the time to enjoy and live your life to the fullest while also developing the personality that will make you unique in the future.

For many teenage girls, fashion is extremely important. As well, developing a sense of style is a great way to experiment with self-expression. It is the key for a teen girl to progress through adolescence. So, here are few ideas from Devoluxe on How to dress well as a teenage girl, and this will help you to bring out your unique qualities.

Self Care and Grooming

Before you concern about your style, you should consider your self-care. Actually, the first step of being trendy or fashionable is self-care. You should work on your body first. It will keep you every day well and trendy. Here’s what to do.

  • Pay attention to your health
  • Maintain your Personal hygiene
  • Work on having a flawless skin
  • Always consider the natural beauty
  • Use makeup properly

Maintain your Personal Hygiene

As a teenage girl, you should be hygienic. Actually, it will make your appearance well. Before dressing well, you should have to maintain your personal hygiene indeed. So, let’s see how;

  • Shower, wash, or bath every day
    Certainly, showering, washing, or bathing keeps you clean and fresh smelling. So, remember to clean your whole body every day. As well, make sure to wash your feet and armpits well.
  • Consider removing hair from your legs, face, armpits, pubic area, arms, or any other part of your body you think needs to be hairless to be hygienic.
    Body hair is not hygienic actually. It is a very personal thing and you should shave whenever you think it’s time to and whatever you think you should shave.
  • Consider wearing deodorant or antiperspirant every day
    In fact, smelling good does not make you hygienic. But, if you smell bad, there you may have a hygienic issue.
  • Have a good oral hygiene
    Though you dress well, it is useless if your breath does not fresh. So, clean your teeth, use floss and mouthwash. It will help you to keep your breath fresh.
  • Trim your nails
    Actually, most teens bite, lick, or pick their nails,. But, don’t do that. Trim your nails, so that dirt does not build up under them. If you can, use nail polish. But it is optional. But remember not to paint your nails more than twice a month.

So, maintain your personal hygiene and it will help you look well.

Pay Attention to Your Health

Actually, a person’s overall health is about more than the absence of diseases. It is a state of physical mental and social well-being. So, as a teenager, you should keep your health before to dress well.

When it comes to physical health, all you need to do is taking care of your body. In order to do that,

  • Exercise regularly
    A teen should physically active for at least 60 minutes every day.
  • Eating a healthy diet
    Being healthy in your body is actually important for your growth as well as your development. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, grains, a variety of protein foods, and low-fat dairy products.
  • Get enough sleep
    In fact, Sleeping hours can directly affect your health it will damage your appearance. Most teens need between 9 and 10 hours of sleep every day. Many average only 7 hours.

As physical health, mental health also needs to maintain in order to look well as a teenage girl. It is all about taking care of your mind.

  • Try to manage stress
    The truth is, you can’t avoid stress. But, you have to manage it. Actually, learning to manage stress will help you to keep your mental health.
  • Maintain a good relationship with parents
    Actually, this is one of the best ways to keep you mentally free from stress. Remember that, they want what is best for you.
  • Don’t try to take on too much
    Overextending yourself can lead you to stress. So, limit your activities to the most important ones and keep 100% attention on them.

Is that enough to maintain your health? Actually no. Many teenagers don’t know to keep their emotional and behavioral health well. In fact, neglecting those will leads to deteriorating your appearance. So, this is how;

  • Pay attention to your moods and feelings
  • Accept yourself
  • Avoid substance use or abuse
  • Avoid violence

So, this is how to keep your health. It can directly affect your appearance. If you neglect to be healthy, how can you look well as a teenage girl? In fact, Don’t starve yourself to become like the models you see on TV or in magazines. Certainly, You are beautiful in your way. Just keep your health and it will help you to look beautiful Unknowingly.

Work on having a Flawless Skin

In fact, one of the main things that every teenage girl wishes for is clear skin. For an effective skincare routine, you just need a good cleanser, toner, and moisturizer that go with your skin type. Wash your face at least once a day. If your face is oily or combination skin, it is better to wash your face twice a day.

First, wet your hands. Then take some cleanser and dispense a small amount in your hands. Rub your hands together to spread the cleanser. Close your eyes and rub the cleanser thoroughly on your skin for 30 seconds. Then allow 5 seconds to settle and then rinse it with cold water. Then pat your skin dry with a clean towel and after that apply the toner with a cotton pad. Let it sit until it is completely dry, and then dot moisturizer on your forehead, nose, chin, cheeks, and the region between your nose and mouth. Rub each area in, make sure there is no residue left on your skin. So, this process will help you to have flawless skin, which is useful to look well as a teenage girl, in any dress.

Always Consider the Natural Beauty

As I mentioned earlier, you are beautiful in your own way. So, if you don’t like to wear makeup, consider your natural beauty. For that, get rid of bags around your eyes, maintain clear and healthy skin, drink water 8-ounce glasses of water, exercise frequently to stay in shape, and be careful not to overwork yourself.

Use Makeup Properly

If you prefer to wear makeup and if you feel makeup is good for your face, consider wearing make up, but use it properly. Just wear an amount that makes you happy. Most of the time, good and simple makeup may give you a great look. But remember, the purpose of wearing makeup is to enhance your features, not to change them.

In fact, this is how you should concern self care and grooming. After you made your self beauty, you can consider doing style and fashion, in order to look good.

Style & Fashion

So, now this is the time to be trendy, fashionable and colorful. Lets see how to dress well as a teenage girl.

Starting Out in the Fashion World

Actually, being fashionable does not require you to get out of your comfort zone to wear outfits that make you look like a supermodel. You don’t need to have the perfect wardrobe right away to fit in or keep up with others. But, make sure your wardrobe has all the essential garments you need to dress well as a teenage girl.

Some of the things you should have, but not limited to are solid color plain t-shirts, hoodies, crop tops, pair of classic jeans, black leggings, black or white shorts, and tanks. Further, you can add other accessories to your wardrobe to make your outfit look put together. When it comes to shoes, a couple of pairs of ballet flats, boots, converse, flip flops, or anything that flatters your wardrobe is a good collection.

Further, let’s see some out fit ideas to dress well as a teenage girl.

Outfit Ideas To Dress well as a Teenage Girl

Spring outfit ideas for teenager girls

As you can see, this simple winter look is both classy and feminine. Because it includes light colors like light blue and pale pink. Actually, the whole outfit gives off a girly vibe. Also, the jeweled accessories add extra femininity and class to the look.

Winter outfit ideas for teenager girls

When the weather turns cooler and the season changes into autumn, it is important to adjust your ward accordingly as well. Indeed, you don’t always have to wear thick sweaters during autumn. The season is a great month for fashion experimentation because you can try out a wide variety of looks that combine both warmer and cooler pieces.

Summer outfit ideas for teenage girls

Casual outfit ideas for school

When you have to go to school every day, putting together a new outfit for each day of the week can be difficult. But, don’t feel like you have to get dressed up everyday.

Back to school outfit ideas

Being Fashionable does not mean that you have to abandon all of your t-shirts in your closet. In fact, there are many ways to dress up a plain t-shirt to make it trendy.

Developing the Right Personality

Have you ever thought your personality affects your look? It is obvious that you may struggle with establishing self-identity and morality at this phase of life. But developing a strong personality to cope with your surrounding is now crucial than ever. This is how to develop your personality and make your look good.

Be Kind and Respectful

Being a fashionable and a trendy girl does not require you to become an arrogant. Just try to be admired for being attentive and helpful to other. Learn to respect everyone, though it be young or old. In fact, it reflects your good upbringing and makes you shine.

Be bold

If something does not feel right, speak up. Your ability to walk away from the negative things in life will help you develop a bold personality. Just develop self-worth through small steps like believing in yourself and your capabilities.

Build Your Identity

Being unique is a great way to build up your personality and it will be a great help to look good. Don’t something you copy from someone else you idealize. Everyone has flaws and special abilities that bring out their individuality. So, accept the way you are while adding good traits to your personality over time. Let people love and respect you for being smart and confident.

Coping with the Changes

Teenage is a difficult time for everyone. Especially girls who are bombarded with sudden changes. Teen girls may have to face some physical changes when they go through hormonal developments in their bodies that change their overall body shape. So, it is important to learn to cope with the physical as well as mental changes when occurring in teenagers.

Accordingly, you can develop your personality through these ways and the personality will help you to look well with your dresses. Actually teenage is the time to enjoy and live your life fullest. But, remember being stylish and looking good with the dress doesn’t necessarily mean following all the latest fashion. As well as, being stylish isn’t so much about what you wear as how you wear it. Confidence is the key! You will look good when you have great confidence with all.

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