How to Become a Fashion Designer with no Experience | 7 Steps

In fact, the fashion industry is a trillion-dollar industry. As well as it continues to grow around 5.5 percent annually according to McKinsey and Deloitte. So, are you a person who tries to get into the fashion industry, without any experience?

Actually, as you can see, one of the hardest and most crowded industries to get into is the fashion industry. Luckily, Devoluxe brings you this how to become a fashion designer with no experience.

Ways to become a fashion designer with no experience

At the first level, you need to have passion, talent, and love for the fashion world. If you have them, you can consider the following ways to become a fashion designer.

#1. Develop your skills

All successful people first consider developing skills according to their field. When it comes to the fashion design industry, successful fashion designers have a wide array of skills.

Basically, the process of a fashion designer’s role begins when designers come up with a concept that they turn into a sketch. So, this process comes up with a number of skills.

Strong Visualization Skills

In order to become a fashion designer, you need to have a strong vision of visualization skills. In fact, great designers know how to visualize an article of clothing and be able to express that vision to others.

So, train your mind to have strong visualization skills and it will lead you to the path of being a successful fashion designer without any experience.

Sense of Style

This is a skill, that all designers must have and to be a great fashion designer you must have to develop it step by step. First, develop your own sense of style.

Sense of Style wrong style correct style devoluxe.com How to Become a Fashion Designer with no Experience  |  7 Steps Sense of Style

Artistic Ability

As early mentioned, a fashion designer has to turn their concepts into a sketch. So, in order to fulfill that, you must have the artistic ability and develop it.

Understand how fabrics move, drape, react when worn, etc. In fact, your in-depth knowledge of fabric is absolutely essential to use it properly when designing. So, train to turn your concepts into a sketch as a habit.


A successful Fashion designing ability comes with creativity. So, designers have to constantly come up with original and creative concepts to stand out from their competitors.

Sewing Skills

Haven’t you learned sewing skills yet? Then, start to learn and improve your sewing skills as soon as you are possible. Because good sewing skills can help you to be a fashion designer even you haven’t any experience.

If you can’t learn this yourself, consider getting excellent sewing tuition. In fact, being able to sew difficult fabric under challenging situations will help you to stan you in excellent stead throughout your career. So, if you already have the sewing skills, improve them well.

Basically, these are the main skills that you must have and need to develop.

  • Good Communication skills
  • Business sense
  • Competitive Spirit
  • Knowledge of current Fashion Trends
  • Computer Skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • The ability to work with a team

A good fashion designer comes as a combination of all these skills. So, learn from existing designers and their backgrounds too. All this will help you to be a better designer yourself though you have no experience.

#2. Learn more and more about fashion designing

How to Become a Fashion Designer with no Experience  |  7 Steps Learn more and more about fashion designing

Though you haven’t any experiences, consider learning more and more about fashion designing. If you can, consider getting a diploma or degree in fashion designing or related programs. If not, consider studying yourself about fashion designing.

A Bachelor’s degree in Fashion designing is not essential to be a successful fashion designer. So, study yourself. The truth of the fashion world, your skills, your portfolio, and passion tend to be more important than where you went to school. So, study yourself about the field.
Here’s how to start.

Learn about the fashion industry

The first step of getting educated yourself is doing your homework. Wondering about doing homework? Well, firstly research fashion history and become familiar with current trends as well as the challenges in the industry. They will help to get real knowledge about the fashion industry.

Teach yourself the Basics

In any industry, the best way to be successful in teaching the basics yourself. Though you have the greatest degrees from the greatest schools, if you haven’t learned the basics yourself, it is useless and you will fail yourself.

So, learn the basics in the fashion industry such as drawing, sewing, fabrics, and pattern making. etc. When you have the basic knowledge, you can quickly move on to more advanced skills, in the fashion designing industry.

Accordingly, you can simply learn about fashion designing with these simple steps.

#3. Decide the designing field according to your passion

Before you get into the fashion industry as a designer, it is better to decide the designing field according to your passion. Just think deeply about your passion. When you start designing with your passion, you can go on a long journey in the industry, though you haven’t any experience at first.

For example, you can choose from the following according to your passion,

  • Women’s daywear, women’s evening wear
  • Men’s daywear, men’s evening wear
  • Teenage wear; boys’ or girls’
  • Outdoor, adventure, outerwear
  • Bridal wear
  • Accessories
  • Casual
  • Costume design for theaters, movies and so on

Here are just examples. There are thousands of fields that you can choose and when you choose it consider whether you have the passion as well as the skills related to it or not.

#4. Get inspiration from your competitors and plan key features

Don’t think about your competitors as a nuisance. Get inspiration from your competitors. First, observe them well and note them. Getting inspiration from your competitors doesn’t mean that you are copying them. It’s just an observation. Because you have no experience, it will help you to get some.

Then plan some key pieces. Plan it according to your skills, passion, and the trend.

#5. Assemble a portfolio of your work

So, this is a very special step in the journey of being a great fashion designer. Your design portfolio will be crucial when applying to design jobs and internships. It is a chance of marketing yourself and your designing, by yourself.

In fact, your portfolio should include your best work and highlight your skills and creativity.
For instance, consider including the following in your portfolio,

  • Computer-drawn designs
  • Mood or concept pages
  • Color or textile presentation pages
  • Hand-drawn sketches or photographs of these sketches
  • Other pieces that fairly reflect what you are capable of doing and evolving into.

A great portfolio will reflect your talents and skills and it helps to be a great fashion designer.

#6. Getting educated about the business side of fashion

In order to be a successful fashion designer, not only the skills and creativity, it requires knowledge of business and marketing aspects of the fashion world. So, keep yourself updated on the fashion industry.

#7. Look for fashion designing jobs

Choosing a fashion designing job depends on the type of design you are interested in. At first, being flexible will help you a great deal, and then you can jump into your real passion later after getting experience.

So, consider applying to many different places. Because you have no experience to bee a fashion designer, consider including,

  • Existing fashion houses and designers- Look for internships, entry-level paid positions, assistants to designers. etc.
  • Online advertisements through various online job agencies
  • Word of mouth
  • Costume positions with movie studios, theaters, costume stores. etc.

Accordingly, in order to get into the fashion industry as a fashion designer, you need to earn your stripes in fashion because you have no experience. Because you are in the ambition of being a fashion designer, there is never been a better time than now to explore a fashion design career. Do you have the determination to venture into the business even you haven’t any experience? Then, do it with these steps and be a successful fashion designer.

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