How to Get into the Fashion Industry as a Teenager

The fashion industry is one of the hardest and most crowded industries. It is a trillion-dollar industry and it grows 5.5% annually. So, starting a new career in the Fashion industry can be as daunting as a teenager. But our crew in Devoluxe brings you this article with various ways to get into the fashion industry as a teenager. So, with your skills, positive mindset, creativity, and perseverance and our guide will make you more accessible to get into the fashion industry as a teenager.

In fact, the fashion industry is constantly growing and changing. It means, there is a clear need for transferable skills and creativity. Actually, you don’t necessarily need to be a fashion designer in order to get into the fashion industry. There are an endless amount of possibilities to work in fashion. So, let’s see some of them.

Ways to get into fashion design – Career opportunities in Fashion Industry

At first glance, the fashion industry seems ultra glamourous with lavish textiles, shoes, and accessories. But, it is not always what it seems. Indeed, there are certain jobs that are more attractive than others. But, as a teenager, whatever you choose to do, you will need to work hard to make your dreams come true.

  1. Start a blog
  2. Fashion designer
  3. Fashion stylist
  4. Sales assistant
  5. Fashion Journalist
  6. Personal Assistant
  7. Garment Technologist
  8. Model
  9. Graphic Designer
  10. Fashion Photographer
  11. Fashion Illustrator
  12. Trend Forecaster
  13. Textile Designer
  14. Web Developer
  15. eCommerce Manager

#1. Start a Blog

A fashion blogger will create a blog that runs by themselves or with few friends, where they can post about the general topic of fashion. In fact, this can range from current trends, tips, and tricks to whatever that you like writing about. The entire blog will run by yourself and your responsibilities as a fashion blogger is very complicated.

As a teenage fashion blogger, you may have to research the topic you will write about, write posts, edit and proofread posts, and respond to the feedback from your audience. Since you get the idea of doing a career in the fashion industry, it is good to have a general knowledge of fashion and be a fashion fan.

How much can Earn as a Teenage Fashion Blogger?

In fact, as an article and blog writer just getting started, you probably won’t earn money. Because you don’t have an audience in the beginning. You have to earn income from ad revenue or affiliates. Ads and affiliate partnerships will decide your pay. So, the more viewers you have, the more money you can make. If your content seems good, you will begin to build an audience, and then you will start to earn money.

Actually, a professional fashion blogger earns usually thousands of dollars each month, if the blog is well maintained. When starting out as a teen fashion blogger be prepared to not make anything for 6-12 months. But, when you begin to earn money it will become remarkable as long as you have a lot of website traffic.

Steps to start a Fashion Blog as a Teenager

  1. Polish up your writing skills
  2. Create your website
  3. Start writing and post your blogs

So, if you prefer to do this, you can start a fashion blog and get into the fashion industry as a teenager.

#2. Fashion Designer

Fashion designing is the most highly profitable within the entire industry. A professional fashion designer’s average salary is $62700. Actually, wanting to be a teenage fashion designer can seem like a pretty daunting task! But, with the right guidance and correct tips, you can be a successful fashion designer. Here’s how to be a successful fashion designer in your teenage, refer to this article How to be a fashion designer. (APE ARTICLE EK LINK KRNNA, HOW TO BE A FASHION DESIGNER IN 15)

Your dream is big and believes yourself in that dream. No matter the goal, no matter how daunting, keep in mind there is always a way to achieve your goal. With your dedication and true love for design, you can make your dream come true.

Fashion Designer How to Get into the Fashion Industry as a Teenager how to make money from fashion designing

#3. Fashion Stylist

Generally, stylists can be found in different settings from retail stores to fashion shoots or even working with celebrities on a one-to-one basis. However, Fashion stylists help their clients find a well-fitting and attractive outfit. In order to succeed in this role, you may need a keen eye for detail and excellent communication skills to get a true understanding of who your client is and what they want. The average salary for a professional fashion stylist is about $31000.

So, if you have an eye for fashion and you can regularly ahead of the up and coming trends with the fashion industry, you can explore the fashion world as a fashion stylist.

Fashion Stylist How to Get into the Fashion Industry as a Teenager how to make money from fashion designing

#4. Sales Assistant

A fashion assistant is a person who sells clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories in a retail outlet and helps customers with their buying decisions. Actually, working as a clothing assistant may be an attractive option for anyone with a passion for the world of fashion and an interest in the latest sartorial trends. As you are a teenager, you may able to find a part-time job as your career.

Particularly, fashion sales assistants with knowledge of foreign languages are in demand, especially in luxury and high-end fashion stores with an international clientele.

Sales Assistant How to Get into the Fashion Industry as a Teenager how to make money from fashion designing

#5. Fashion Journalist

As a teenager, can you express yourself through the power of words? Then a career as a fashion journalist will be perfect for you. You can work for your favorite publication, going solo, and creating your own blog, or even freelancing for a number of companies. For this, a degree in creative writing or journalism will be useful. So, with the time consider getting those degrees and be successful in the career as a fashion journalist.

Fashion Journalist How to Get into the Fashion Industry as a Teenager how to make money from fashion designing


#6. Personal Assistant

Working as a personal assistant for a high profile celeb can have its peaks. but, you have to work hard for it. A personal assistant often needs to arrange your boss’s schedule, book flights and make restaurant reservations for them..etc. Simply, you have to do the tasks that they just don’t have time for. A personal assistant can work either part-time or full time and may work outside of standard business hours such as evenings and weekends.

Personal Assistant How to Get into the Fashion Industry as a Teenager how to make money from fashion designing

#7. Garment Technologist

Though you are a teenager, do you have an eye for details? Then, this career could be ideal for you. A garment technologist has to responsible for checking the production process and ensure that there are no faults in the final product. Not only that, involving in fabric choices and ensure that they are kept within budget. In order to enter his career and get into the fashion industry, you will need a good understanding of design and manufacturing.

#8. Model

Actually, fashion models are the face of a brand. They promote brands, clothing, accessories, or footwear through various forms of marketing, including magazines, websites, social media, and billboards. Though you are a teenager, you just need the right look and should have a portfolio of pictures readily available to become a model. depending on your body type and the market you cater to, you may fall under any type of modeling category.

Model How to Get into the Fashion Industry as a Teenager how to make money from fashion designing

#9. Graphic Designer

Are you a teenager, with a lot of creative ideas? Then you can get into the fashion industry as a fashion graphic designer. You can get a job as a fashion designer for your favorite brand. You can end up your works by working on new marketing materials, seasonal look books, and touching up editorial shots.

#10. Fashion Photographer

Fashion photography differs from other usual portrait or landscape shots. If you want to become a fashion photographer, you need to have creative ideas and have skills to shoot models and still life images of garments. Actually, fashion photography can be a highly satisfying career. Though you are in your teenage if you have a creative idea and the ability to capture great moments you can get into the fashion industry as a fashion photographer.

Fashion Photographer How to Get into the Fashion Industry as a Teenager how to make money from fashion designing

#11. Fashion Illustrator

A fashion illustrator works with designers and creative directors to make their visions come to life. Most of the illustrators in the field, use CAD software to create sketches of designs, while others using the traditional methods of freehand sketching. In fact, to succeed as a fashion illustrator in teenage, you need to be very artistic and creative to create accurate and realistic drawings.

#12. Trend Forecaster

With your age, you may be so active with upcoming trends. So, if you are good at predicting upcoming trends you could consider joining a trend forecasting agency. If you prefer to become a fashion trend forecaster you will look at sales figures and record patterns or trends that emerge. No matter what your age is, by using research techniques and analytical skills along with extensive knowledge of fashion history, you too could be great at predicting what will be on the runway the following season.

#13. Textile Designer

Textile designers are specialists in patterns for fabrics and upholstery. Actually, they use 2D designs to woven or knitted into garments, carpets, fabrics, and other items. Most textile designers usually choose one of the two fields to work in.

Textile Designer How to Get into the Fashion Industry as a Teenager how to make money from fashion designing

#14. Web Developer

Technology plays a major role in our lives. Are you passionate about technology as well as fashion? Then, this is the career that is most suitable for you. You can be a fashion web developer at a young age. It seems so complicated, confusing, and somewhat inaccessible field. But, if you take the correct guidance and if you follow the correct steps, you will be able to be a successful fashion web developer.

#15. eCommerce Manager

eCommerce manager is responsible for managing and maintaining a retail brand’s online website and sales. They keep a consistent brand image and attract customers to make purchases through their page. It means, they need to keep an eye on both text and images.

So, as you can see, there is a number of jobs in the fashion industry and they are endless, as well as they are definitely not limited to these 15. But as you are a teenager, we researched for the most suitable carrier list, and here is it. However, the easiest way to get a foot in through the door by completing an internship or taking on an entry-level position, because you are a teenager. Then your experiences will make you a successful person who does a career in the fashion industry.

Tips to Start a Career in Fashion

In fact, most people will probably tell you that you need to wait for a career until you are older. But, there is no need for it. In today’s world, age doesn’t matter. Actually, you could find a virtual job, or you could start your own business or something else entirely with the evolution of the internet. No matter what you choose to do in fashion, these tips may help you to start and go on with your career.

  1. Don’t let age get in your way
  2. Don’t let distance get in your way
  3. Learn well
  4. Find something that sets you apart
  5. Look for internships

1. Don’t let age get in your way

The first and foremost tip, that you have to consider is neglecting your age. In fact, you may have heard a lot of people have told you to wait until college, or even after college to start a career in fashion. But, don’t let that get in your way. Just try to use your age as an advantage. Not only that, remember to tell your potential employers your age and make sure employers know just how passionate you are about your field. Actually, if you start to do a career in fashion in your teenage, you can obtain valuable experiences that are excellent for a resume.

2. Don’t let distance get in your way

In fact, don’t let distance matter for your career. For instance, if you don’t live in or around New York or Los Angeles, you might feel like you can’t start your fashion career just yet. Really that doesn’t have to be the case, though. If you look hard enough, you could find remote or virtual jobs in the fashion industry that will let you get career experience without living in a big city.

3. Learn well

You are in your teenage and you are so young. So, you need to know a lot about the fashion industry before entering into it. The main and foremost way to impress your potential employers is your knowledge. The more you learn at your young age will let you more chance to impress them. so, learn everything about fashion that you can get your hands on. Actually, your true love for fashion will help you read and learn more about the industry and it will be the best foundation to be successful.

4. Find something that sets you apart

Because you are so young, there is more chance to have a unique sense of style. The key to making a name for yourself in the fashion industry is to set yourself apart from everyone else. Starting a career in the fashion industry is one decision that already sets you apart from the crowd. Being unique is another thing you can do to sets you apart. So, always try to do something that sets you apart and it will make you successful.

5. Look for Internships

Looking for internships is one of the main tips from us. Actually, the internship will make you more successful because you are now in your teenage. There is actually a fair of fashion internships that will hire high school students. So, it can be more tricky to find them, but if you really want it, you can find one that you love that will help you get your foot in the door of the fashion industry.

So, your dream is big to start a career in the fashion industry. Believe yourself in that dream. No matter the goal, no matter how daunting it, keep in mind there is always a way to achieve it. The fashion industry is changing daily and it is the formula to get into it. You just need to be creative and be unique. If you are keen to move forward, this is the best age.


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