How to Grow a Fashion Instagram Account | Amazing 10 Tips Should Know

Instagram has become the home of the fashion lovers. So most of the people, the bloggers have been flocking to the platform and share their day to day things, the daily outfits, and many other things related to fashion. As you have interest in the field of fashion, you can create your own fashion Instagram account and share your lifestyle with others. If you haven’t any guidance we are providing you with a detailed article on How to Grow a Fashion Instagram Account.

It’s so frustrating. And also it takes some work to cross this plateau and grow your account. People you follow are not on Instagram and you may fall victim to plateaus due to the new algorithm. This means that it can be difficult for people to see your notes without scrolling down.

To get the most out of a fashion and lifestyle Instagram page, growing your followers will help ensure that your message reaches more people. If you are new to Instagram and want to know how to improve your follower base, here are some great strategies you can use that we have found to be successful.

#1. Create your own style

Gone are the days when we used Instagram to upload our food or selfie of a shameless Saturday night. Instagram is not just a picture, it should be viewed as a whole rather than a separate series of pictures. This might be the most important thing you need to know when you are growing your Instagram account. The best way to attract the followers and grow your account is stick to yourself. That means you need to be you.

On the other hand, if you try to imitate someone or another person’s style your audience will not identify who you truly are.

Whether it’s a warm tone or a dark look, a theme is essential to add character and personality to your wardrobe. Keeping the same light, composition and editing approach across images ensures beautiful and consistent visual content that will get you more followers. Therefore, it is better to pick the right style as the very first thing. And also make sure to stick in it.

#2. Refine Your “Look”

When the people get to your page they will first recognize your profile pic, bio and feed. So they are the most important factors that you need to customize at the beginning. as your profile pic, you can use a photo of yourself if you feel confident to upload it. If you have a private account it is better to use a photo that you are alone. Because people can understand what you actually look like.

Another thing your profile visitors will see is the Instagram bio. And also it is displaying in the heart of your profile. An Instagram bio is just like your visit card that makes the first impression of you in the profile viewers’ mind. Here are some of the tips you can use to make a creative bio.

  • Choose a unique font
  • Mention your niche and skills
  • Use the right Keywords
  • Create and use a hashtag
  • Use parallel bars to separate sentences
  • Use emojis
  • Include your favorite quote

Instagram feed is the photos you post on your Insta. How your feed looks all together when someone clicks your profile may lead to attracting more clients. There are a variety of photos in the “good” profile. They might be some of you or some of your friends, and sometimes cute quotes, food photos or landscape photos. If you have a favourite colour, edit all your photos with that colour filter and combine them into a common colour or look to make the pictures look beautiful together.

#3. Define Your Niche

You need to choose what criteria you are going to make your Instagram account. That means you can select a subcategory of the fashion field. Or on the other hand, you can use overall fashion keys on your Instagram profile. The subcategories might be the Beauty brands, hand, bags, Jewellery, Hats, Shoes, Beauty+Style, Art+Style, Clothe styles, etc. So you can select the niche which you love most and knowledgable in. Therefore, ask these question from yourself and find the answers for them.

  • What are the things you like the most?
  • The things you knowledgable about?
  • From what you can create a content that consists throughout a year without any spending?

If it is difficult to choose the right niche for your fashion Instagram account you can follow the content pillars such as Gemma Talbot, Amy Bell.

#4. Create A Theme

Having a theme for your fashion Instagram account will lead to benefit you and your followers. If you are posting an image or arguing about choosing a specific outfit for your next shoot, you can easily focus on your theme and ask yourself if it fits well. Themes are great for easy decision making and a great tool for fashion Instagram users.

Having a theme helps deepen your brand and makes it great for your followers as well. Shortly after posting pictures with the same theme, your followers will start associating with you with that theme and recognize your post the way they see them. Potential followers who visit your profile can look at your feed and see your theme. If it appeals to them, it will help them make an easy choice to follow you.

Instagram themes help keep your fashion account friendly and welcoming to the profile viewers. It can also show your prospective followers what they expect when they follow your account. Your theme is a quick snapshot of your account live and times, so be sure to think about it before choosing.

#5. Post consistently

posting regularly is essential to keep people interested in your page and to make sure they visit it regularly. If a million fans are already waiting for your next picture, continuing to post will be key to the growth of your Instagram followers. However, it does not mean that to spam your page with a post within every hour. It refers to keep a constant rhythm. Regular and at peak posting helps ensure that all content you post on Instagram reaches your target audience. And also remember that there is nothing that can kill the interest of the people rather than irregular posting.

Use a few tools or consider the best time you posted an Instagram photo. You can have the help of the scheduling tools like Iconosquare, Later, Buffer, etc. Get the use of these maximum times to post regularly for a longer period of time and be sure to use relative hashtags to further reach. A good rule of thumb is to use the post once or twice a day.

So as that you can make a schedule for managing your Instagram account. As a fashion Insta owner, your current pillars might be style, beauty, jewellery, etc. Therefore, plan your week Instagram images something like the following things,

  • Monday-Evening outfit
  • Tuesday-Workwear outfit
  • Wednesday-Fashion accessories
  • Thursday-Casual outfit
  • Friday-Favourite makeup items
  • Saturday-Weekend outfit
  • Sunday-Fashion styles

#6. Create Amazing Content

Instagram is a visual platform that is perfect for people in the fashion industry. For this reason, you need to have high quality, scroll stopping images that really resonate with your ideal followers and audience members. Most fashion Instagram accounts have beautiful images, so you need to make sure yours are attractive. Content creation may be the heart of your Instagram success.

However, you always need to create unique content. So as that you can show some of the behind the scenes photographs on both of your stories and feed. This might lead you to stand out in the fashion Instagram world.

#7. Focus on Building Community

Though the growth and engagement rate of followers is an important parameter to keep in mind, you need should pay equal attention to the quality of the community they cultivate with your audience. On the other hand, this means that the striking balance between the depth and breadth. You can have more audience that follows you if you focus more on depth. Make sure to entertain the ones you already have. Learn about your audience than their basic demographics common to all.

You can have the help of following tips to gain more followers on Instagram.

  • Use high-quality filters
  • Hop on trends
  • Run a giveaway
  • Be consistent
  • Use the right hashtags
  • Post at the regularly
  • Monitor the follower growth

As a succeed Instagram account holder you need to know everything about the people following you. It will help you to create your eye-catching content resonate with them. You can use Instagram insights.

Focus on Building Community How to Grow a Fashion Instagram Account | Amazing 10 Tips Should Know

#8. Use smart captions

A great Instagram caption will stop scrolling through their tracks and your post will be ranked with an Instagram algorithm as long as someone reads your caption and joins your post. Captions are a powerful tool that you can use to encourage the likes comments and also profile viewers. And also they have the power of building a stronger relationship with your audience. Followings are some of the caption starters,

  • Do you want to know the secret to…?
  • Ever wondered…
  • The #1 best way to…
  • The ultimate guide to…
  • The real truth about…
  • 5 things you need to know about…

Special tips

  • Write a Killer First Line
  • Add a Call-to-Action
  • Add value
  • Add Line Breaks to Longer Captions
  • Write like a human
  • Use storytelling
  • Use emojis and have fun with them
  • Use hashtags

#9. Choose the Right Hashtags

It is a good way to start with trendy hashtags and share your lifestyle and promote your career in the field of fashion. But the most popular fashion hashtags on Instagram make it easy for your photos to get lost in the shuffle as there are millions and millions of posts. Using a few popular hashtags is a good idea, but you should use more specific, less populated hashtags to make sure your post stand out.

A collection of popular and small hashtags is the best way to draw attention to your post. Popular hashtags will get you a large audience and small hashtags will draw more attention to your post. Some fashionistas even include the location of their hashtags so that your posts are more specific and reach local audiences.

These hashtags groups similar posts and make it easier for the profile viewers to find similar contents.

Fashion Blogger Hashtags

All most all the fashion bloggers use hashtags to promote their blogs and gain new followers. While some fashion blogs may cater to one particular style, these hashtags work for fashion blogs of all levels. Therefore, use these hashtags into your next fashion post to increase the visibility of your fashion blog.

  • #FashionBlog #FashionBlogger #StyleBlog #StyleBlogger #FashionOfTheDay #LifeStyleBlog #InstaFashion #FBlogger #ShopMyLook #FashionTrends #MyStyle #IGStyle #OutfitInspiration

Style Hashtags

Style hashtags provide more specific to the style of your post than the general hashtags. Use these hashtags to cater to one fashion trend or style.

  • #StyleInspiration #Trendy #Trendsetter #HowToStyle #Vintage #BohemianLook #BohoChic #Grunge #HippieGirls #FlowerChild #Minimalist #DressedUp #Couture

General Fashion Hashtags

For all the fashion items, there are plenty of hashtags to try. If your post is about style and fashion in general, these hashtags are a good place to start.

  • #Fashion #LookBook #OutfitOfTheDay #LookOfTheDay #FashionWeek #Fashionable #Stylish #FashionDiaries #FashionBlog #FashionStyle #FashionPost #FashionGram #InstaFashion #InstaStyle #StyleBlog #StreetWear

Accessory and Jewelry Hashtag

Accessories and jewelry add strength to any outfit, so naturally these are important to the online fashion community. Highlight your accessories and jewelry by adding these hashtags to your post.

  • #Accessories #Accessory #Accessorize #Jewelry #Bling #InstaJewelry #HandmadeJewelry #JewelryGram #Jewels #Necklace #Bracelet #Rings #Earrings #StatementJewelry #JewelryAddict #Diamond #DiamondRing #Purse

#10. Instagram Stories

With Instagram stories, you don’t have to worry about taking the perfect photo or posting it. Self-destructive posts allow you to be more spontaneous and share malicious, misleading content that is not normally published on your blog. There is no need for introducing the stories. It is a fun feature and a powerful new method that lets you post updated photos and videos 24 hours a day.

How to Grow a Fashion Instagram Account | Amazing 10 Tips Should Know Instagram Stories

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