How to Find Your Style as a Teenage Girl

You might be seen that there are gorgeous teenage girls in the mall, laughing with their equally trendy friends. And everyone’s eyes, including you, are glued to them. Therefore, you felt a little jealousy that they’re having the time of their lives while looking carefree and flawless. Why should you be a spectator when you can be one of those stylish girls? So we are providing you with a guide on how to find your style as a teenage girl in order to be a stylish girl as you wish.

So as a teenage girl you will need to identify your personal style. That means all the people have their own personal style which leads them to be bright in society.

Fashion or style is a special way of expressing oneself’s, whether it is through clothing, writing style or architecture.

Personal style is the way of expressing an individual’s self through aesthetic choices such as a person’s clothes, accessories, hairstyles and how they fit together.

This is all about developing the sense of self through the ones own aesthetic apart from absorbing all kind of fashion styles.

Universal personality styles

Since each person usually has two or three designs, keep in mind that it is normal for you to identify more than one style. As a teenager girl, it will helpful for you to go through all of them and adopt more styles to your self. There are seven universal personality styles.

  1. Traditional
  2. Elegant
  3. Creative
  4. Dramatic
  5. Casual
  6. Romantic
  7. Alluring

Traditional style

Traditional style dress women dress How to Find Your Style as a Teenage Girl

The traditional woman is elegant, classy and refined. She dresses in a traditional way, loves matching clothes and follows a timely and clean look. This is a style that started with the simplification of menswear and is universally accepted as the business dress code. Classic people don’t care about the latest trends, they just want to invest in quality and up-to-date clothing. The neutral colours such as white, black, and grey, navy and beige are the main colour codes. There are no much prints. Discrete accessories, Classic footwears, simple makeup.

Traditional style dress women dress How to Find Your Style as a Teenage Girl

Elegant Style

Elegant Style women fashion dress How to Find Your Style as a Teenage Girl

Naturally elegant style. Started from the classic style but modern and less formal than the classic style. Exclusive and trendy clothes with lighter or darker shades. There are no printed items. If you want to add some prints, it should be discrete once.

How to Find Your Style as a Teenage Girl Elegant Style

Creative style

Creative style women fashion dress How to Find Your Style as a Teenage Girl

Creative women are always in a good mood and like to show it on their clothes using details, colours, tactical texture and ethnic and colourful prints. This style makes it easy to combine different elements and designs and they are free to create a look that expresses their creativity and uniqueness. this style has a collection of selected accessories including jewellery, shoes and bags and this collection plays an important role in completing their look and creating a unique style.

How to Find Your Style as a Teenage Girl Creative style

Dramatic style

Dramatic style women fashion How to Find Your Style as a Teenage Girl

Dramatic personality style is a modern style that is extremely connected with fashion and follows the latest trends. The structured dress is bold or black, and dramatical proportions give the theatrical brand an attractive look. They like to explore bold colours, colour variation and asymmetry. Colour palettes are their favourite, but geometric and abstract prints are also acceptable. There are oversized, modern, bold accessories, colourful shoes. Makeup is done to emphasize the dramatical eyes and lips with dark colours.

How to Find Your Style as a Teenage Girl Dramatic style

Casual style

Casual style women fashion  How to Find Your Style as a Teenage Girl

Women with a casual style prioritize very simple clothes to maintain and give her the freedom to move around. Casual wear is a favourite of those women.

There are two types of casual designs with different essences.

  1. Natural casual
    Natural casual style has a strong bond with nature and ecology. There are natural elements such as cotton, straw, leather and wood in outfits. Favourite colours are neutral, warm and dull ones. And also there are no much prints, use a few jewellery and accessories. This style does not use makeup.
  2. sporty casual
    It reveals that you are in a good mood and full of energy. They are full of jokes and, for this reason, a calm and casual scene is part of their essence. Jeans, T-shirts and sneakers are the casual items of this style. Sportswear in neutral, bright and fun colours without prints is one of their favourites, but graphic and fun prints like technical accessories and textiles can also be found in their wardrobes.
How to Find Your Style as a Teenage Girl Casual style women fashion
How to Find Your Style as a Teenage Girl

Romantic style

Romantic style women fashion  How to Find Your Style as a Teenage Girl

Women with this style are as delicate, romantic, sensual and feminine as the name of the fashion. Femininity is the essence of style, soft and light colours, neutral, pastel shades and many pink dresses, skirts and defined waist. We can find delicate fabrics like lace, embroidery, crocodiles, sewing, ruffles and pleats in her wardrobe. Delicate prints like flowers are their favourite and their accessories are also delicate and small. Shoes are kitten heels, soft sandals and flat shoes. Makeup is essential.

How to Find Your Style as a Teenage Girl Romantic style women fashion

Alluring style

Alluring style women fashion  How to Find Your Style as a Teenage Girl

In this personality style, women are happy, bold and sexy. They like to have fun and celebrate. And also they like dark colours, especially black and red and animal prints. The outfits bring body curve is a feature of this style and lace, slides, deep necklaces, brilliance and transparency. Everything reminiscent of movement or gold is her choice for jewellery and accessories. Use high heels, Bronzer is essential in makeup and dark and bright smoky eyes are a trend mark.

How to Find Your Style as a Teenage Girl Alluring style women fashion

Here we go to the complete step by guide to find your style.

Step #1.Understand Your Body

As the very first thing, you need to understand what kind of body you have. And also what works for you with your body shape. Bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s part of what makes us all unique.

According to the 2004 study report revealed that women’s bodies were historically described based on shapes such as triangles, rectangles, diamonds, ovals, and hourglasses. Some of the most common categories are,

If you are compiled with a better understanding of your body shape, you might be able to buy the clothes to either highlight or camouflage them.

Step #2. Understand Your Personality

The style that you choose will directly affect your personality. So while you are finding your style as a teenager girl make sure to consider how it affects your personality and to how much extent.

Step #3. Working on Your Skin

One of the main things that every teenage girl wishes to have is clear skin. Therefore identify your skin type. There are five main kinds of skin types.

  • Combination
  • Sensitive
  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Normal

So the main things that you need to have for an effective skincare routine are a good cleanser, toner and moisturizer. And also choose the relevant skincare products to the type of skin that you have.

Step #4. Work on your hair

Don’t forget your hair. Most people agree that the most attractive hair moisturizer can be clean and manageable, regardless of your hair length, colour or style. Therefore, identify the most common problems in your hair. Then, select a hairstyle you like. Ideally, it should go with the shape of your face but with what you feel. Go to a beauty salon and ask from a hairstylist for hairstyle suggestions. There are few hair types.

  • Wavy or straight hair- It is better to wear it down
  • Thick or curly hair- Use a straightening iron
  • Extremely curly hair- Try dutch braiding

Step #5. Choose the colours that inspire you

Colours have a huge impact on the style you choose how would you feel with your style. Therefore, some colours will make you feel than the other colours. If you are not using many colours in your current style, start to use bit varieties of colours and identify how colours inspire you. You can add the colours through your accessories.

Step #6. Gather the styles that inspire you

Now, you have some inspiration to work with and some cool new items to wear. But you may not have enough confidence to create your own unique look. In this case, copying is better.

Whenever you see other people wearing clothes you appreciate or like, take a picture and paste them in a notebook or scrapbook or pin it on Pinterest.

Go through your screenshots, magazines or social media accounts and find a specific outfit you like. Now, your job is to use what you have and recreate it. Because you use your own items, the look is yours and no one will know that you copied that idea.

Step #7.Create a fashion mood board

Psychology is a great way to work on developing your personal style. Once you’ve got your fashion inspiration, compile the pictures into a mind board.

Although your inspiration is felt everywhere, you will find that many of your models are wearing denim jeans, many of them are wearing maxi dresses and many of them are wearing tops with ruffles. That you are going. Choose two or three pictures that show the aesthetics of the group, keep those photos on your phone so you can view them while shopping.

Step #8. Be Critical Of Your Current Wardrobe

Find that what are the garments in your closet that you really like. And also how many clothes you haven’t worn for a long time. So get rid of the items that really don’t work for you. You can create a capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of basic ingredients that are blended and matched to create a look you can’t try. These are classic pieces in neutral colours that link with everything. Such as a little black dress, a denim jacket, a simple t-shirt, a leather tote.

You may already have some of these in your closet. So keep the ones that make you feel good, and replace everything else with the basics that work for you. These items may be simple but they help you to show your unique style by providing a basis for the most attractive parts.

Step #9. Stock up on accessories

They are sure to be the easiest way to pull any look together regardless of the shock you want to achieve. You can update a dress with jeans and a white T-shirt with a bold necklace or a pair, a dress with delicate jewellery that feels more feminine.

A cool earring or vertical ring can give you an instant edge and pearls can make you look like a polished girl or instant stylish girl. Add a patterned scarf, choose ankle boots instead of your usual black pump, or pull on a bright clutch in order to add more personality.

Step #10. Believe your ideas and be genuine

The most important thing in developing your style is to be truthful about yourself. Do not pay attention to the size or design label. Because it will hinder your creativity. Keep experimenting with different patterns, textures, accessories, and shoes.

All of this makes your skin feel good. your style should reflect and celebrate your life, your personality. Therefore, own your style, be proud of it, embrace fashion as a way of expressing who you are and who you should be.

So that by following these guidelines you will be able to find out what is your style. And also you can be a stylish girl with the best personality.

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