How to Hire Employees with no Money for My Startup | Full Guide 2020

Team working is the basis for developing a business. Therefore, all successful businesses have their own awesome team. If you are willing to engage in a business you have to hire the workers. But your investment will be inadequate for their payments. So Devoluxe is offering you the way of How to hire the employees with No money.

If you are a person who is willing to hire employees with no money, you have to identify the style of hiring people. Whether you are paying or not, there is a structure of hiring people for a business or a company. And also you have to some things before you hiring the employees. However, if you go through this article you may be detailed in the following facts.


For what you are going to hire an employee

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The first thing you should do is identifying the purpose of you are hiring an employee. That means for what task you are going to hire people. Therefore, you should figure out the tasks that you want to perform by the employee. In what business function do you need to have employees and what are the qualifications, interests, and other things need to be an employer.

Who do you want to hire

It is somewhat tough to hire employees without no money. Therefore, you need to identify what kind of people you want to hire. And make him interesting about the job that makes him work free. However, use the following things to make him interesting about your company.

  • Offer him a C-level post such as Chief Product Officer or Chief Technical Officer
  • Offer to include them in the starting team
  • Give shares for your company
  • Submit an excellent recommendation letter
  • As a startup team member, make sure they stay on the site all the time

Therefore, it will be more profitable to hire interns and entry-level people. Because they are seeking for some experiences. And look for them who:

  • Is flexible and honest
  • Is passionate
  • Has a high level of emotional intelligence
  • Understand and identify your vision
  • Has similar values

Stages of Hiring

there are three main steps of hiring,


Sourcing is the process of hiring employees. On the other hand, the process of searching for candidates for identifying them. That means you have to interview each one to select the right person. You can use Facebook or LinkedIn to post advertisements for your purpose. And also You can attract them through the advertisements.

Not only that you can accept the applications through the Google Form. Anyway, make sure to ask some questions to identify the candidates’ attitude.


Types of sourcing candidates

  • Advertising your jobs online
  • Recruiting on social media platforms
  • Recruitment Database
  • Employee referrals
  • Collaborating with recruiter network


Candidate screening comes after the sourcing. It is the procedure of reviewing job applications. And selecting the most suitable application for your purpose. Your main target is to hire employees with no money. Therefore, sure to choose the candidate who fulfils your target. Followings are the process of screening candidates.

  1. Eliminate basic or existing requirements
  2. Scan for likes or good qualifications
  3. Matching the complete picture of the candidate to the role


The final process is hiring them by sending them offering letters. For the final process, you have to do followings.

  1. Know the market for skills
  2. Create meaning and purpose
  3. Make them feel wanted
  4. Prepare for negotiations
  5. Add a little something extra


Common process of hiring employees
Followings are the steps in the normal employee hiring process. Whether you are paying or not, this is the process of hiring employees.

  • Set up your EIN, Employer Identification Number
  • Register with the labour department in your state
  • Set up your worker’s compensation insurance
  • Select a payroll system
  • Create a job description
  • Post an ad for your open position
  • Interview and hire your employee
  • Set up employee benefits

How to Attract Talented Employees With no money

How to Attract Talented Employees With no money Offer a motivation program Solve a problem you are concerned about infographic
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To hire employees with no money you have to attract employees for your business. Because you have to make them work without pay. Attracting talent will play the main role in your target. Therefore, Following two key points will lead you to attract a candidate for your business to work without payment.


Offer a motivation program

Offering an incentive program will exceed the employees’ expectations. As you have not large capital to hire the employees, then you must create a motivation program for them. Then they might be attracted to your business or the things you are presenting in front of them. And also you will be able to build up a sense of ownership in their minds. Following are the things you can do,

  • Make a game out of work and provide rewards
  • Recognize accomplishments
  • Be positive
  • Demonstrate trust
  • Gather feedback
  • Support their new ideas
  • Give them a purpose

Solve a problem you are concerned about

Your ability to solve a problem will make an employee have a sense of fulfilment. It may be a quality that they have been searching for a long period of time. And they will be able to join with you till you will gain profits. Not only that it will improve the loyalty of the talented employee.

How to Hire the employees with no money

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Create a predictable recurring income

The first thing you have to do is creating a predictable, automated recurring income. You can calculate the revenue in the form of automatic weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. And also you have to accept credit card payments, bank ACH, or both in order to automate your income payments. Because it supports you in healthy cash flow.


Have an amazing marketing staff that creates leads

The next thing you have to do is creating an awesome marketing team. That means you are hiring employees with no money. Therefore, you have to select the best team you can have with no money. Amazing marketing can create leads that eventually increase the recurring revenue of your company or the business.

A Sales Team That Converts

Next thing that you want to do is making a sales team that converts or transforms business leads into customers. But there will be some clashes between the marketing team and the sales team. However, make sure to handle marketing and sales misalignments.

Predict the future and then act

This is the last step you have to follow while hiring the employees with no money. You have to predict or forecast the future to make your employees trust in your vision. Because they are working for you without any payment. Predicting your future goals, financials will impress what you are going to do. Therefore, employees will have clean and steady though of the business or the company.

Ways to hire employees with no money

Ways to hire employees with no money employ interns offer stork options Postpons the payment of compensation Recruit contractors, part time employrees or students Recruit close friesnds and family inspire others to join you infographic
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Employ interns

Hiring intern is the most applicable way if you can not afford to the employees. Interns are the people who are expecting to have some experiences. By the way of example college students who are seeking experiences. However, most of the interns are willing to offer their service free. As well as it helps them to increase their resume and develop their future. Therefore, you can invest your time and effort to make them interesting about the work they are performing. And also you can help them to grow. Anyway, if you want to hire interns, make sure to contact colleges, universities, or post on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Offer stock options

You are seeking for the employees who work free without payment. Then offering them shares of your company is another method that you can use to hire the employees without paying them. However, some of the employees will not accept the stock options because they have doubt in your vision or ideas. That’s why you have to make trust in them.

Postpone the payment of compensation

Postponement of compensation might be tactical as you should be concerned and careful with the wording of your offering letter and make sure that you do not violate any rules.

Therefore, make sure to discuss with a team member how to defer compensation until specific milestones or results are obtained. By the way of example, you can negotiate a postponement until you receive sales shares or the company exceeds a certain income or profit. However, once you get those milestones or results, you can pay them as a cash bonus. Not only that, but you can also include a refund.

Recruit contractors, part-time employees or students

You are seeking for hiring employees with no money. Therefore, it is better to hire contractors, part-time employees or the students. Because you can not afford to hire full-time employees. Contractors are the easiest employees that you can hire. Because You have the power to decide the period of working relationship. And the talented part-time employees such as the stay-at-home parents are willing to offer full-time service. Not only that, but the students are also willing to work without money.

Recruit close friends and family

If there is no other option, you have to seek the help of your friends and family. Because your closest friends and family members will not refuse to help you in your business. Therefore, they are willing to offer their time and effort to success your business.

Inspire others to join you

You have not money to afford to an employee. Therefore, you are looking for employees who are working without pay. Then you have to compile your vision in order to inspire and to motivate others to work with you. However, you can build loyal followers to join in your business. Make your partners prove yourself


Important facts to consider

Important facts to consider Do not hire until you get the works Use casual workers, temporary, part Hire someone to make money first Parents at home Volunteers Give a little from the company away infographic
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Do not hire until you get the works

Make sure to hire the employees when you got the works. Therefore, there is an ideal time to hire new employees.

Use casual workers, temporary, part-time employees or freelancers

You can hire part-timers to help you in your business. Therefore, they are very useful to cope with the tasks.

Hire someone to make money first

You can not take the new employees until you generate some works. In that time you can hire a one to make some income.

Parents at home

at home parents are the huge potential source that you can use if you haven’t money to afford an employee. And also they work you in loyalty.


There are many volunteers to work without payment. You can hire them in fact if you can not pay for a full-time employee.

Give a little from the company away

If you can not find anyone for your carrier. Then give some of the company away for them. Anyway, make sure not to lose control of your own business.

If you are willing to hire new employees but you haven’t enough money to pay for them. However, you won’t be tedious on such occasion if you go through this ultimate guide of How to hire employees with no money. Therefore, stay with us to gain furthermore detailed articles to succeed in your business. So follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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