How to Start a Luxury Bag Brand – Cool Step By Step Guide

Having an idea to start your own luxury brand is not same as staring it. There are many things to make it happen. As a person who is interested in making brands, you can start this kind of business. In order to guide you with this task, we love to share this article on How to Start a Luxury Bag Brand with you.

Most of the brands start and die within months. Therefore, you can have a long journey knowing what to pay attention to and what to avoid. Though the Fashion business is notoriously difficult, If you start this kind of business with the accessories such as bags you may able to get your foot in the fashion door. Here are the basic steps of starting a luxury bag brand.

Startup Business Plan

A business plan can help you take a vague idea and turn it into a permanent plan. Include a section on the organization and management structure of your company. Include market research that takes into account current market size and consumer statistics on wallets and handbags.

The business plan consists of a financial summary and an estimate of the cost of running the business, including the expected revenue stream. And also include a section on Business Strategy and Marketing Planning. There are many big-name brands in the wallet market. Find a niche where you can fill up.

Market research

For any type of business, there is a need for market research. It is the procedure of gathering information for your business. The information you gathered mainly focuses on your target audience, competitors, location, advertising, etc. Provides insight into the various factors that affect your lower level,

  • What is the trend in your industry?
  • Which of your competitors expects your target audience information, more options or purchases?
  • Where your target audience and current customers do their product research?
  • What affects purchases and conversions among your target audience?
  • Who sets up your market and what are their challenges?

So engaging in market research you will be able to have answers for the above things. After effective market research, you will be with a handful of details related to your business.

Understand your Unique Selling Point

How to Start a Luxury Bag Brand - Cool Step By Step Guide Understand your Unique Selling Point how to choose a bag good bag how to buy a bag

The USP of your brand should be at the forefront of your mind as you begin to develop your luxury business plan. If you want to give yourself a chance to fight, you have to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, what will be your unique selling point? While it may attract your customer base to your product, it should have nothing to do with the design of your product. Sometimes it could be your unique idea for customer service. On the other hand your reliability and convenience.

Whichever direction you go, try not to overdo it, as it will remind you to enter an already crowded market. The best way to find the perfect customer and create new ones is to identify your unique selling point and use the keypoint of communication.

Market Placement

Another thing that you need to complete is your market placement. When you are planning to start a Luxury bag brand, there are a number of factors that fall first and foremost in finding your place in the market.

Consider that if you willing to open a physical store, selecting the right location will give you the best opportunity for success. Be sure to properly explore several potential locations before choosing one. The best places are crowded, like a shopping mall in areas with retail. However, small store future opportunities are being ignored as store popularity is declining.

Here are some factors that you should consider when choosing the best business location for your luxury bag line,

  • Demographics– Consider about who will be your customers are and how close they are to your location
  • Foot Traffic– Find a place by monitoring the traffic at different times of the day and at different times of the week
  • Style of Operation– Your business location should conform to a specific image or style
  • Competition– If there is a competitor who sells the same product to you, it will better to select another place
  • Parking and Accessibility


There are many things that you need to finance when starting a luxury bag brand. The entrepreneurship market is a real growth zone and is following in its footsteps. For this reason, there are many funding opportunities. When you start your own luxury bag brand, followings will include in your start-up cost.

  • Your fashion brand design (logo, business cards, and website)
  • Rent for physical location (if needed)
  • Fees for any license or permits
  • Basic infrastructural costs (phone, internet services, invoicing software)
  • Materials for first clothing line
  • Designing or sewing tools (sewing machines, scissors, rulers, pattern maker, fabric paintings)
  • Hourly wages to cover your design and construction time

Having an adequate income before starting your brand is very important wherever you get money. Several funds are needed for a few materials, pattern cutting, sampling, production, marketing and packaging. Here are the tips that you can follow.

  • Save first
  • Save for the big-ticket items
  • Stay away from fast trends
  • Mix it up
  • Buy quality over quantity
  • Be patience and wait

Options for funding your startup

  • Personal savings
  • Friends and family
  • Economic development programs
  • Banks and credit unions
  • Corporate programs
  • Angel investors and venture capital firms

The above options are viable but you need to have a business plan to present. Without a plan, it will be difficult to raise money and take it seriously. It does not have to belong, but make sure it has enough information about your start-up capital requirements, profit and loss account and cash flow statement.

Start Designing

The basic thing is that you can get an extraordinary look by choosing the right material for your bag. When you start a luxury bag line, your material choice should reflect your price points and product end-use. When you want to sell your bag for $ 80, it does not matter when choosing an expensive leather leg that costs $ 50.

Designing your brand and developing are special key points that you need to take into action while you running out. Do you have the ability to design something that a pattern cutter and machinist can understand?

Of course, you will have to face a lot of problems, because this is your beginning. The first collection you release to the market as a designer might be a big deal. Therefore, it is very important to prepare something so good. Moreover, when you design it, manufacture them in a cost-effective way. So, to be a successful luxury bag brand owner, be sure to always mix the ideal and the achievable.

Manufacture, pattern cutting and development

Do you have the ability to design to make something that a pattern cutter and machinist can understand? Can you add the necessary information to your original ideas? This is essential if you want to develop them into a pattern and then a sample. Find specific size pattern cutters for handbag development and use them to create your first prototype patterns and the material you want to use. Once you are happy with the finished product, get a factory to make your first sample. If they make your starting samples they can give you a reasonable product price.

Wear Testing

It is essential to wear your products before selling them in the right quantity. Distributing beyond quality is essential as a small new brand for your long-term success. Clothing testing doesn’t have to be hard through. Starting to use one of your first or later samples before making your final sample will give you an indication of how the material and design will work. If you are organized and have the time, you can see how you can improve your product or have problems and you have the opportunity to fix them before the product gets into the hands of your customers.

Build Online Presence

You can set up a website or create an online-only store using an online sales portal or visit your physical retail location. If you do not know how to create your own website, find out how to use e-commerce platforms like Shopify or Quick2Host. You can create accounts with websites like Amazon, eBay and Etsy and become a third-party merchant. These sites provide you with a well-established global customer base, ease of use, and a supportive sales community.

The Best Luxury Bag Brands

Here, we take a closer look at some top bag brands and designers. We also talk about their best handbag designs.


  • Founded In: Paris, France
  • Established: 1910 by Coco Chanel
  • The name Coco Chanel will go down as one of the most popular fashion designers in history. From perfumes to little black dresses, Chanel showcases luxury. Chanel handbags are famous for their looks. They are another example of quiet quiet beauty. Coco Chanel’s Dual C logo can be found on any wallet.
How to Start a Luxury Bag Brand - Cool Step By Step Guide Chanel

Christian Dior

  • Founded In: Paris, France
  • Established: 1947 by Christian Dior
  • Dior is known worldwide for their clothing, perfume and handbags. Dior’s fashion design helped restore Paris after World War II. It re-established Paris as a centre of great fashion design and luxury.
How to Start a Luxury Bag Brand - Cool Step By Step Guide Christian Dior


  • Founded In: Florence, Italy
  • Established: 1921 by Guccio Gucci
  • Italian leather is known around the world for its durability and luxury. In 1921 Guccio opened his first store. His original handbag designs based on horse saddles. The idea worked on handle bamboo in classic Gucci bags. Gucci bags are luxurious as well as reliable.
How to Start a Luxury Bag Brand - Cool Step By Step Guide Gucci

J. W. Anderson

  • Founded In: London, England
  • Established: 2008 by Jonathan Anderson
  • Ten years J.W. Anderson‘s design shows a modern look at femininity. The brand combines elements from menswear and women’s clothing. This was a unique look and almost followed a culture. Handbags are no different. Each is designed with a unique look to suit both women’s and men’s styles. The brand is always innovative and always thinks beyond traditional fashions. These luxury handbags are perfect for anyone looking for something different.
How to Start a Luxury Bag Brand - Cool Step By Step Guide J. W. Anderson

Louis Vuitton

  • Founded in: Paris, France
  • Established: 1854 by Louis Vuitton Malletier
  • Especially they are designed for easy to carry luggage with easy-to-select locks. Their first handbag was launched in the 1930s. And they created an LV monogram canvas specifically for their products. These monograms are still unique to the brand today. Monograms alone make any handbag stand out. Each Louis Vuitton handbag plays with monograms in its design
How to Start a Luxury Bag Brand - Cool Step By Step Guide Louis Vuitton


  • Founded In: New York City
  • Established: 1941 by Lillian and Miles Cahn; originally under the name Manhattan Leather Bags
  • The founder preferred the durability of the materials and put them into handbag designs. From there the Coach came. They are one of the most recognizable and purchased high-quality wallet brands in the world. They found their place in affordable luxury handbags. The designs are simple, clean and light. Coach bags come in all sizes and colours and there is anything for everyone in the Coach shop.
How to Start a Luxury Bag Brand - Cool Step By Step Guide Coach


  • Founded in: Milan, Italy
  • Established: 1913 by Mario Prada; Miuccia Prada established the brand we know in 1978
  • Prada is one of the most popular luxury handbag brands. Like Gucci, Prada started as an elite luggage company. When Miuccia took over, the company began redesigning. She wanted to give her family company the updates they needed. In 1985, Prada unveiled their new black nylon handbag. Unlike other designs, the logo was not so prominent. The update gave the handbag a popular look. Prada is not afraid to experiment with new styles. Their affordable designs make them a popular choice for women around the world.
How to Start a Luxury Bag Brand - Cool Step By Step Guide Prada

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