How to Turn a Crush into a Boyfriend | Top 17 Tips You Must Know

So, you have a crush on someone right now and want to turn your crush into a boyfriend. Approaching someone attractive or crush is nerve-wracking for most people, so chances are you’ll never take a risk if you wait to feel totally calm. But, today we are going to show you how to turn your crush into your boyfriend.

1. Let him know that you might like him

According to recent researches, the best way to inspire positive feelings might be to leave your crush uncertain about how much you like him. Actually, telling a potential partner that you like them may seem bold, but this revelation often leads to reciprocal like. When we find that others like us, we tend to like them in return. Let’s see how to let your crush know you like him.

Position your feet towards him

how to turn a crush into a boyfriend Position your feet towards him how to start a relationship

This is the easiest way to flirt without speaking with your crush. When talking to your crush, make sure both of your feet are pointed directly at him. Your feet almost always unconsciously, reveal what you want. Actually, pointed towards the person means you like them, and pointed away from a person means you dislike them. So, make sure to point your feet towards your crush even if you are running late and you want to dart. Actually, it will make him feel that you actually like him that will make him even more interested in you.


Smiles implore a positive feeling within, causing people who don’t. The smile is a universal sign for “I’m nice and I like you”. For instance, if your crush is debating between who his next girlfriend is going to be and your smile, whereas that girl Ashley doesn’t. just think who he is going to want? It’s absolutely YOU!

Touch his arm

how to turn a crush into a boyfriend Touch his arm how to start a relationship

When you are flirting with your crush, if he says something funny, laugh and casually place your hand on his bicep for about 2 seconds. It will make your crush feel that he is so funny that you actually have o brace yourself because you are laughing so hard. But, remember to remove your hand from his arm.

So, this will help you let to know your crush you are interested to him. So, the first step of converting your crush in to your boyfriend is over now.

2. Keep your self-clean

Actually, in order to make an impression about yourself, keep yourself clean always. Every morning take a shower. Wash your hair, brush it out, keep it styled in the way you like. In fact, poor hygiene will hurt your chances by showing him you don’t care about yourself. It is better to have a little makeup, perfume, or cologne. But, don’t let the makeup appear thick or perfume smell overwhelming.

3. Dress well

how to turn a crush into a boyfriend Dress well  how to start a relationship

Actually, dressing to impress him is a good way to make your crush into your boyfriend. So, when you know you will be around him, dress to impress him. Pick out the best clothes that totally fit your figure and make you attractive. Remember, the clothes you wear should not be tight. They should fit you well. Not only that, dressing well and good clothing will help you to increase your confidence.

4. Keep your posture correctly

Every guy likes to have a girl with correct postures, as it makes a girl’s figure attractive. You can practice by walking around your room. Keep your head up and your back straight. Take small steps, neither too fast nor too slow. Not only walking, when you sit, maintain your posture, never slouching or hunching. Also, don’t cross your arms. Practice those correct postures and try to maintain good posture in public.

5. Be you

If you hide your personality, it seems to be working, but it will hurt you in the end. Because at some point you will have to show him who you are in order to work towards a relationship. Actually, if you be you you can be much happier and be full of confidence. Don’t aim to please others. There is a problem if you are never doing what you want to do, yet always doing what everyone else wants to do. Pleasing others can be a nice thing to do but know your boundaries.

Occasionally, thinking about how others view you may make you change for the good. But, don’t try to constantly wonder about what others are thinking. In order to be you, you want to know who you are. Find who you are and no matter how weird you are. Appreciate yourself. Though your crush likes or dislikes your way, you just need to be you. Because each person is unique in their own way. As well as, everyone has a least a little weirdness in themselves, including your crush. Just try to be confident with whom you are and act according to it though you are with you your crush.

You will feel more confident with yourself if you appreciate yourself instead of doubting yourself all the time.

6. Speak with confidence

how to turn a crush into a boyfriend Speak with confidence how to start a relationship

Confidence is a great thing when it comes to a conversation with a crush. You can practice speaking out loud at home. In fact, your voice should be loud and clear. Try to eliminate your unnecessary pauses, as these will make you sound timid or uncertain. And give time for others to listen and speak. Before say things, know what you want to say and say it. If you speak too fast, slow down your speed. Add breathes between sentences and give time for others to listen and speak. Once you feel comfortable at home, try speaking confidently to friends and strangers.

You can add humor to emphasize your confidence. But, don’t overdo it. Start out by speaking into a mirror, then move on to practicing this on friends, acquaintances, and strangers. Actually, confidence is like a jounery. It takes time through each failure. So learn from it and utilize it in the next attempt.

7. Start Conversations

In fact, approaching someone is difficult. When it comes to crushing, it is even more intimidating when you are interested romantically. You can start out by asking for offering help, commenting on a shared experience. As you get him to become more comfortable with you, progress the conversation. For more, learn more and more about him. If you already know him, you will have some familiarity with him,, but you still need to talk and build a more strong connection.

8. Find common interests

When you are talking with him, you should be able to find out what he prefers. After you can share the activities you prefer and then you can find out the same prefer. For instance, if you both like bowling you will be able to talk about bawling, and then go bowl. Just go out as friends and you need to create moments that help you grow closer, which won’t happen if you come on too strong.

9. Gently touch him

Physical contact is a great way to make him associate the pleasant feeling of touch with you. Choose opportune times, but let your contact appear randomly. When talking to him, touch his hand or wrist. Remember to stand close to him, in the crowds. Brush against his shoulders while passing. When you are first starting out with him, keep touch brief and not too intimate.

10. Keep eye contact with him

how to turn a crush into a boyfriend Keep eye contact with him how to start a relationship

Flirting using eye contact is a great thing, as it doesn’t require you to think of witty lines. Eye contact is one of the most powerful ways to convey attraction with people, but it also subtle enough to be fairly risk. Holding your crush’s inspection can be a powerful way to flirt. But, it must be done at the correct time. There is no way to plan for the exact time. Don’t choose a moment when your crush is distracted or busy. They won’t be able to pay attention to you. And same, don’t try to hold their attention while they are driving, reading, or working. For instance, good moments to keep eye contact may when you meet and shake hands, when you are handing them something, or when you open a door to greet them.

After you have chosen a good time, catch their eye. Then let your expression be soft. This can mean smiling slightly or even licking your lips a bit. Keep your facial expressions inviting. Then, keep eye contact normally, for four and a half seconds.

Not only that, you can make coy eye contact with your crush. Once your crush makes eye contact with you and held it for a couple of seconds, let your eyes drop as though you are feeling shy. Only let the eyes drop momentarily. In this way, you can meet your crush’s gaze and look away again.

11. Build trust among you

The truth to be told, a relationship can’t operate without trust. Make sure to listen to him without judgment and don’t gossip with your friends. Actually, if you gossiping with your friends, will make your crush unwilling to tell you anything and will stop you from bonding. So, gossiping with your friends about your crush actually hurt your bond. In order to build trust, you will also have to share your own life when appropriate. Confide your fears, hopes, and problems.

12. Support your crush

Actually, supporting your crush is a good way to show that you are interested in him. So, treat him like you value his works. Make sure to encourage him in his difficult times. It is a great way to show that you are actually like him. Ask him about the day and if he had a rough day, reassure him. And same, wish him luck for the next day.

In order to be a supportive partner, make sure to support his goals. Never turn against him, when someone’s fighting with him. Instead of it, show that you appreciate him by complementing his positive qualities and actions. Never get distracted by the attention of other boys.

13. Monitor his body language

how to turn a crush into a boyfriend Monitor his body language how to start a relationship

Look at the signs and adjust your approach. If he interested in you, he will want to be around you and make excuses to be close. He will incline towards you. Keep his legs and arms uncrossed, and the most important points, if he is interested in you he will keep his toes pointed at you. He may also make extended eye contact or look down embarrassed.

Actually, if he likes you he may have these signs. But this is not enough to make him your boyfriend. So, continue spending time with him to compute his feelings. if he doesn’t do many of these things, he still may like you. But, he may be good at hiding his expressions or he may be shy. Actually, if his body language is negative, stop what you are doing. Because he may simply not be into you. Readjust your behavior by repeating steps. Don’t overdo and obsessed, as you don’t want him to think you are making fun of him.

14. Complement him

The starting points for serious flirting is eye contact and gentle touch. Start making your intentions more concrete. Come up with clever lines at opportune times that show you appreciate him and aren’t afraid to show it. But, don’t overboard on this. Appear cool and controlled.

15. Don’t spend too much time with him

Actually, you want to spend your time with your crush. But, too much time spending with him does not means, too much close. It is better to make him want to be with you and miss you while you are not around.

Not only that, give him his own space. It is important that you don’t overwhelm him either. Being needy, demanding all his attention is a sure way to put out any feelings he is developing. Keep your own distance from time to time. Your absences can make him realize how much he needs you.

16. Provide privacy

Actually, most of the boys prefer to be free and keep their privacy throughout their relationships. So, as the girl who hopes to make him a boyfriend, it is a must to provide privacy. Providing privacy will make you look at controlling yourself. If you stalk his social media or go through his phone when he leaves shows that you have no trust in him. Actually, don’t question him about every little detail that comes from him interacting with other people.

17. Start the relationship

how to turn a crush into a boyfriend Start the relationship how to start a relationship

So, now is the time to make your crush your boyfriend. The following steps will help you to start a relationship with your crush.

  • Drop hints about your aims
  • Reduce your expectations
  • Make a move
  • Move on if he is not interested

Drop hints about your aims

Dropping hints about your aims will help you start moving beyond the friendship stage. But, avoid coming too strong. Allow him to feel that you a valuable catch he has earned. A compliment can encourage him. After all, judge his reactions.

Reduce your expectations

Actually, fewer expectations will lead to a good relationship. Once your relationship starts, it is easy to get wrapped up at the moment. Not only you love life, spending some time tending to other aspects of your life. Accept him for who he is if you wish to make him into a boyfriend. In fact, many people think that they can change their partner inside of a relationship. But, it is not true. So, if you find yourself thinking like you can change your crush after he becomes your boyfriend, it is a sign of he is not right for you.

Make a move

Making a move is a good step to start a relationship with your crush. If he hasn’t already made a move, you can push the issue a little. Giving him a little space after you ask can help if he is shy or hesitant. If he doesn’t come out with you, his feelings are strong enough.

Move on if he is not interested

The truth that can hurt your heart is, sometimes he may not right for you. If he doesn’t share your feelings, walk away from him. Don’t maintain hope or else you will hurt yourself by waiting for him. And same, don’t try to force him to be with you. Remember, a good means one that works for both of you.

Actually, love is addictive but do not let it turn you into an obsessive maniac. Perhaps, the most important way to get your crush is to get it together yourself. Figure out what you want in your future bae, not what the person wants in you. And GOOD LUCK to make your crush into your boyfriend.

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