According to Shawn Ashmore, “Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality” Most people struggle to cope with style and their own personality. In fact, the biggest problems that bother such people are, “What does my style say about me” “how do I pick the perfect outfit for every situation”. So, are you one of them?

Luckily, Devoluxe loves to share this helpful guide on What does my style say about me, and how do I choose the perfect outfit for every situation.

What does My style say about me?

Actually, Your style reflects you! The type of clothes you wear and the accessories you use says a lot about who you are, what you do, and how you feel about yourself and others. Though the fashions fade, style is eternal.

When it comes to your ideal style, what about your ideal impression. Simply, how would you like to come across? Is it formal, Casual, Edgy, Professional, Flirty, Attractive, Unique, or powerful, or so on. According to your impression, your ideal style comes out.

Have you ever thought about the color of your clothes, that you wear? Also, they represent you.

What does My style say about me? What does my style say about me, And How to find your personal style? What does My style say about me? Have you ever thought about the color of your clothes

Further, the way you wear can have an impact on the impression that others make on you.

  • Clean t-shirts with no frills, and killer jeans: reflects cleanliness and simpleness. Represents kindness, honesty, being earnest and look of modern comfort
  • Wild and flowy dresses: Inspires a carefree, enthusiastic, creative mind with an adventurous heart for adventure.
  • Floral prints and pastel colors: Reflects Feminine/ Girly looks. They show composure, a calm attitude, and thoughtfulness.
  • Plaids, button-ups, and comfy uggs: Represent a homely and traditional look. It displays a sense of resourceful, productive, and energetic aura.
  • Sporty clothes: Conveys confidence, optimism, focus, and a determination to push barriers in life.
  • Trendy clothes: They refer to evolving, androgynous and extravagant clothing that makeup look fit for the fashion stage or bust.

Moreover, have you ever thought Why do certain types of clothing change our first impression about the person? Well, the fact is mostly clothing reflects your style and your style reflects you. So, how do you choose your personal style? Let’s get into it.

How to find your own personal style?

In the fashion world, One’s personal style refers to that person’s particular way of expressing themselves. Further, personal style is about developing a sense of self rather than simply absorbing trends.

The truth to be told is finding your personal style isn’t something you can do overnight. There are some strategies you can use to learn more about the clothing that reflects you well.

01. Look at your own wardrobe

Finding your personal style does not mean that you must remove all clothes you have and get new. So, think about the clothes in your wardrobe that make you happy. Consider the favorite items in it.

02. Find Fashion Inspiration

Now, look for fashion inspiration. Start with family and friends whose style you admire. Then observe how friends and celebrities dress. Not only that, you can find fashion bloggers whose styles interest you. From all of those, you can find a lot of fashion tips and inspiration.

Find Fashion Inspiration vector fashion  What does my style say about me, And How to find your personal style? Find Fashion Inspiration

Moreover, fashion magazines are another great source. Learn about different style types, and identify the ones which you most align.

03. Create a fashion mood board

After you gathered your fashion inspiration, it’s time to create a fashion mindset or fashion mood board. Collect the images into the board. It will lead you to feel inspired all over the place.

Create a fashion mood board  girl
working  What does my style say about me, And How to find your personal style? Create a fashion mood board

You can choose some of them and consider them when you are shopping. And others will give an idea about how to wear existing clothes.

04. Create a collection of basics

So, this is the step you use your existing clothes that suits your personal style. You can mix and match to create effortless looks. For instance, they can be a little dress, simple t-shirts, a leather tote, a denim jacket, and so on. These items may be simple but they will help you to be unique.

05. Experiment with your choices

Once you have created your collection of basics, it is time to add unique pieces to your wardrobe that shows your style personality. You can finally find your personal style with the things you feel your best.

Accordingly, you can find the style that reflects yourself best.

How to dress according to your personal style?

Actually, your style essence is your personality. It reflects who you are, how do you think and what do you prefer. So, when you dress, match it according to your personal style.

Accordingly, let’s jump into the style personalities in their most basic form, without overthinking. But remember there maybe not the essence of your style right now. It is not necessary to fulfill all the qualifications for a particular style of the essence. But, select one or few essences that sound mostly with you.

  • Creative/ Innovative style
  • Feminine/ Romantic style
  • Rebellious style
  • Relaxed/ Natural/ Casual style
  • Dramatic/ Bold style
  • Classic style
  • Elegant/ Chic style

Creative/ Innovative Style

Creative and Innovative style is the style essence that reflects the personality of those who enjoy expressing themselves freely and creatively through some form of art.

So, do you enjoy modern arts and music? have a real variety of friends? tend to use your body, hands, eyes expressively when talking with others? Then, this will be a style that resonates most with you.

How to dress in a creative/ innovative style?

First, think about what you feel excited or daring, or sensational for you. Then stretch yourself and reconnect with your playfulness. If you let go of some of the rules and collapse some of the boundaries, sometimes you may find your own creative and innovative clothing style.

Then, consider changing the way of expressing yourself, through clothing. Most of the time, make sure to use your feelings as a basis for choosing your outfits.

Creative/ Innovative Style girl fashion   What does my style say about me, And How to find your personal style? Creative/ Innovative Style
boys fashion cloths   What does my style say about me, And How to find your personal style?

Feminine/ Romantic Style

Do you enjoy soft and pretty things? Mostly, Feminine and romantic style sounds with the people that enjoy soft and pretty things. Moreover, if you prefer soft fabrics, muted colors, feminine frills, and antique jewelry the most resonate style with you will be this.

How to dress in the Feminine/ Romantic style?

The key to dressing romantically is easy and dainty details. When choosing fabrics and textures, choose natural fabrics like cotton, and Linen because they fall softly giving a more natural and relaxed to feel the look.

When it comes to the colors, light colors, warm neutrals work really well.

Feminine/ Romantic Style girl boys fashion  What does my style say about me, And How to find your personal style? Feminine/ Romantic Style

Rebellious Style

Mostly, the people who look for opportunities to be different enjoys the Rebellious style.
Do you,

  • like to take risks
  • not obeying rules and get in troubles
  • take a different path in life
  • do what you prefer even it will take you into trouble?

If so, you may have a rebellious style essence.

Rebellious Style t shirt boys bag shoes  What does my style say about me, And How to find your personal style? Rebellious Style

Relaxed/ Natural/ Casual style

Mostly, people use natural and casual styles. They consider comfort in life in all areas. Sometimes, the style appropriates or not, they always choose the style because of the comfort.

So, do you a person who enjoys getting outside and enjoys nature? Do you feel strongly about your health and do you eat healthily? Moreover, do you prefer to use natural products for skincare, haircare, and so on? Then your style essence may be the relaxed, Natural, and casual style.

Relaxed/ Natural/ Casual style fashion dress girl fashion boys dress  What does my style say about me, And How to find your personal style? Relaxed/ Natural/ Casual style

Dramatic/ Bold style

Do you;

  • like to be noticed
  • prefer to talk a little more loudly than others
  • enjoy being celebrated by your friends and family
  • feel drawn to big, bold and colorful

Then, you may have a dramatic/ bold sense of style.

Classic style

The word classic means, type of safe, clean, and traditional.
Do you;

  • like simple and uncomplicated things
  • enjoy watching classic movies
  • prefer a family meal around a dining room table
  • prefer to decorate your home with mostly classic
  • have a strong appreciation for timeless styles of art, music, fashion

If so, you may have a classic style.

What does my style say about me, And How to find your personal style? Classic style

Elegant/ Chic style

Elegance means, the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance and manner. Do you feel drawn to more expensive items? Mostly, you may have an elegant style. Most probably, you may enjoy classical music, fine arts, prefer fine dining experiences, keep your vehicle clean every time, and prefer a free of clutter and a minimalistic home and living environment.

How to dress in an elegant style?

At first, wear nice clothes and avoid clothes which look overly casual, dirty, stained or ruined. Make sure the clothes you have are fit. It means, they should not be too small or too large.

When you are choosing colors, go for high contrast colors that are very light and dark compared to each other.

What does my style say about me, And How to find your personal style? How to dress in an elegant style?   Elegant/ Chic style

Accordingly, you may have an idea about your personal style and how to reflect it using dressing. As early mentioned, here may not be your current style expression. It is not necessary to match all the factors for a particular style. So, you can select one or a few essences that resonate most with you.

Finally, now you can choose your personal style and dress according to it, and reflect it. Once you have an understanding about finding your own personal style and the dressing styles encompasses, you are equipped with the most amazing tool to express yourself in a way that feels true and right for you. But remember, the key to looking great isn’t following the newest fashions. It is all about choosing the correct personal style and dress up according to it.

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